Nine Places You'll Always See Trinity Students

#1: Lemon

The daddy of Trinners haunts. Expect to see the whole shebang from geeky IT freshmen to stoner-ish Philosophy postgrads. Will serve tequila smothered crepes at 11 on a Sunday morning. You can see why we love it.

#2: Walter Mitty

Trinity hipster creme-de-la-creme quaff bon cafe here and talk all the typical existential shiittte you'd expect given it's next to the infamous Arts Building. However, it does feckin' spectacular hot chocolates so don't put it down too quickly. You can also draw on the wall. Woohoo!

#3: Doyles


Class over for the day? Doyles. Bored? Doyles. Liquid lunch? Doyles. We are all a bunch of lazy people, and lazy people like going to the pub right next to college. If our Pav ain't open yet, the pre-drinks will inevitably be in Doyles.

#4: Yum Thai

It's a fiver. It's always a fiver. If you have a fiver on you it's probably going on Yum Thai, due to peer pressure, lunch or both. However, inside is more squashed than Messy Monday at Coppers.

#5: Any Burrito Bar


Dublin is one of those special cities where there are more places to buy a burrito than any other shop. Whether its Tuzo, Tolteca or Little Ass, we'll be there. Eat too many and you'll have a pretty big arse. Ahahaha.

#6: The Pav

Ah, our jolly good fun pavilion overlooking the most revered cricket pitch. Here, it's actually grand. It's pretty much certain that any class night out for Trinity students begins in the Pav. Contrary to popular belief, we don't smoke cigars on the porch with a tidy glass of hot port. We drink our big dirty cans (Druids or Bavaria - your choice) here then piss off to whichever club we have wristbands for.

#7: Captain America's


Hey, with pints and cocktails for 3 euro with most of our society cards we are never, ever going to kick up. And burgers. End of.

#8: O'Briens

Slices of pizza, sarnies and a bigger student discount than UCD gets? Of course we'll be there. Especially just to spite UCD.

#9: Every cheap club night in town

It changes every night but the outcome is always the same. Jesus, we're students, we fear money and want as much swall for our silver. It could be the Palace, Dtwo or the Village, as long as the word cheaplist is in the title we'll be there in our masses. Drinks promos are a must - four shots for a tenner and you'll have us hooked for life.


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Aaron Meredith
Article written by
First year at Trinity, English & Philosophy student, closet football fan, experienced cocktail mixer and hair bleacher. Feeling like the only Belfastard in Dublin.

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