An Open Letter To The Catholic Church: Why You Have No Power Over Our Generation

An Open Letter To The Catholic Church: Why You Have No Power Over Our Generation

Dear Catholic Church,

As a generation -GEN Y is seen as a pretty progressive group of people. We believe in LGBT rights, freedom of choice, transgender's winning Eurovision, the power of education and the majority of us support pro-choice. We want improvement to enviornmental policy, sustainability, and overall we want progression. Our generation grew up with the rapid development of  the internet and when we're not spending copious amounts of time on 9GAG we're learning about the world with the huge amount  of news and information right at our finger tips. We can watch lectures happening in different countries, learn something new from TedTalks, Skype with our nana when we're in Australia. A pretty impressive feat for a generation who grew up watching Barney.

What has less significance on us in this time however is religion. Speaking as one of the majority who were brought up as 'catholics' in Ireland I can only speak for this religion. I do see the value of faith in peoples lives and even with my dissatisfaction with my own church I would never attempt to abash others. Growing up in a predominately Catholic country in recent years we have had our fair share of embarrassments from you as a church. Your clerical abuse, the exposure of vast injustices to those in your care, your stance on a woman's right to abortion and your obsession with not allowing same sex couples who are in love to get married. Why would any young person who wants equality and progression ever have faith in a church that has let down so many in its care?

As a church quite frankly, you embarrass us. Not in the 'your uncle dancing as a wedding' kind of embarrassment but the kind of embarrassment that comes with a deep shame. Your dominance over our country has lessened in recent years and progress for our generation seems to be vastly heading towards a secular society and not looking back. Ireland needs to distance itself from the kind of shame you have brought on this country in the past and as a generation who are not as influenced by you, we continue to move away.

As a generation who has seen the rapid growth of technology throughout our lives we know the importance of development and change. Our technology rapidly develops each year- new versions, developments and a chance to move towards a better society. As a 'modal' of religion I can tell you now - you are seriously outdated. Your patriarchy and lack of development is the reason why most of Gen-Y don't attend church except occasionally on Christmas (more out of a part of tradition than want). In this day and age our lives as a generation are devoid of the traditional. Why have faith in the past when the future is filled with so many countless opportunities?


This is why you have no power over our generation. Your disgraceful behaviour in the past makes us as a generation ashamed and your unwillingness to change and develop as a church is why your pews are so empty looking on a Sunday. When you grow up listening to Sir David Attenborough speak about evolution and science - teaching us about global warming and the diversity of our planet you begin to believe in the power of change. We all know that those who can't adapt to their surroundings die out and, as a church, your unwillingness to change it's ways could lead to extinction.

Your lack of power over us means that we're the ones who are able to think for ourselves. Take responsibility for your past mistakes and try to restore the faith people once had in you. As a generation we can believe what we want to believe, choose the kind of life we want to lead. If you want us to believe in you, think about changing. Let our friends who love each other get married. Let women choose what they do with their body. Take responsibility for the heinous crimes you committed. Stop trying to enforce your mistakes on our free thinking generation because I can assure you if you don't change - we won't listen.


A member of Gen-Y

Therese Walsh
Article written by
Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.

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