Penneys Have Released A Winnie The Pooh Homeware Collection

Penneys Have Released A Winnie The Pooh Homeware Collection

I'm sure you often find yourself tossing and turning in bed at night; sleep proving elusive, your body coated in a thin film of sweat as you count down the minutes until you're supposed to be awake, agonisingly conscious of your night's rest slipping away. The reasons for your sleeplessness may be myriad, but I feel pretty confident saying that top of the list for most people is they're painfully aware that their bedding isn't embroidered with various scenes and characters from the works of A.A. Milne.

But soon, soon you will be reacquainted with the soothing succour of sleep as Penneys are here to right this wrong. They have released another Disney themed crossover, this time focused on Winnie the Pooh. This homeware collection features duvet covers, pillow cases, throws, candles etc.

Look upon it, gaze upon these wares and know envy.

Tigger print wall hanging €6, candle €6, hanging honeycomb mirror €7.


Eeyore cookie jar €18, honey pot €9.


Tea cup €, embroidered tea towel €6, small tray €4.50.


Throw €8, tassel cushion €7, double duvet set €20.

All these and much more are available in Penneys stores around the country.

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Rory McNab

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