Why Do People Hate Hipsters?

"You're such a hipster!" seems to be one of the biggest insults someone can hurl at you these days, but I don't understand why. Why do people hate hipsters? And how do people even define a hipster?

According to the endless knowledge available on the internet these days, the most straightforward definition of a hipster is: "A person who follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream."

Or, according to the Urban Dictionary, "A hipster is someone who is smart enough to talk about philosophy, music, politics, art, etc. with you all day long, but not smart enough to see how big of a tool he/she is."

Afraid you might be a hipster? Here's a quick checklist to give you a better idea where you might fall on the hipster scale:

1. You channel your inner Deirdre Barlow by wearing oversized plastic rimmed glasses, like these:


2. You own a record player and collect vinyl.

3. You drink in bars that specialise in craft beers.... "Heineken is so mainstream".

4. You own a serious amount of vintage clothing...... which you had before it was cool.


5. For male hipsters, beards seem to be a must!

6. You cannot abide mainstream music. You only listen to indie music and bands nobody's heard of.

7. You're a vegetarian or a vegan.


8. You're a bit of an eco-warrior.

9.  You drink herbal tea

10. You have very strong political and philosophical views.

However, I don't understand why most of these things are considered negative, or something to be slagged about....

Emily Keegan
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Emily is a self-confessed film freak who basically converses in movie quotes. After four short years of Media Production and Harcourt Street studies, Emily now divides her time between sunny Rathfarnham and the College Times offices, where she enjoys sharing her wisdom with you, the adoring public!

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