People To Avoid Studying With On Reading Week

You'e on your reading week and it is now time to get down to the nitty gritty. A time to study and get to the summer with no fear or regret in sight. Everyone knows studying is just the pits. Whether you are at home, in the library or in your local Starbucks, you are not going to be enjoying yourself. So, you must really examine your situation before you ask someone to study with you. Remember, your decision must take in all levels of intellect, what pisses you off and what annoys them. Before you dedicate yourself to this studying partnership, look at People To Avoid Studying With On Reading Week.

1) Libro Cop


Let's not beat around the bush - he is no one's best friend and always ratting people out but what can you do. If you studied beside him there would be no food, no drinks besides water and basically the strictest hours of your life.

2) The Talker


If it is short and brief go for it but if you are going to tell me a 10 minute story while "whispering", I don't want to know. Facebook mail me instead and save those daggers coming from the people beside me.

3) The Smoker

Every 20 minutes they go outside and they come back smelling like a 2 year old ashtray. It is not that the smell bothers me, it is more the distraction of you coming and going.

4) The Scab


"Can I borrow a fiver for a sandwich?", "Can I pay you back later for those skittles?". There is always something, and, when is it going to end?

5) The Stoner

Again, like The Smoker, the smell isn't pretty and this time the smell will annoy me so much I may ask you to move seat.

6) The Non-Eater


I did not realize I had a Non-Eater on my hands. Don't get me wrong, I am not accusing you of anything serious. Maybe you don't have enough money to buy food in here. Maybe you ate before you came. But, now I have to eat lunch by myself which is quite annoying.

7) The Copier

There is nothing worse than working hard on an essay and someone asking you can they see yours. If you don't want to show them it you feel so awkward and if you say "yes" you could get kicked out of college for plagiarism.


8) The Question Asker

"What are you doing this weekend?", "Where were you last night?", "What's going on with Michael and Shauna?". Is it really appropriate to ask me all this now? Libro cop will catch us, fine us and kick us out.

9) The Filthy

The person you are studying with is a starer. They will not stop staring and flying filthy looks towards many people around them. You are now uncomfortable and the evil looks are coming your way too.


10) The One You Fancy

Yep, they have asked to sit with you. They have asked to study with you. Yes, you are staring at them and you can't stop blushing. Why did you agree to study with them?

11) The Student Card Forgetter



"Can I borrow your student card?." Maybe the most annoying 6 words in the English language. And, if you get caught all hell will break loose.

12) The Book Borrower


They borrow a book off you in the library, or wherever you may be studying, say it is only for a half an hour, and then the whole day passes and you didn't have it once. Get your own book please.

13) The Laptop Charger

What was the one thing you asked them to do? Ah yes to bring the laptop charger. Did they? Oh God no. Now you are both stuck with around 40% battery each, how long is this going to last?

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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