Photos That Will Drive Your OCD Crazy

For those of you who don't know, OCD stands for Obsessive, Compulsive Disorder. What exactly does that mean you ask? I haven't a clue, butĀ if any of these pictures drive you crazy, then you my friend may have a touch of OCD.

Dafe Orugbo
Article written by
Dafe once went streaking in the middle of the day for the promise of a 4in1. He is in possession of a spectacular ass, and considers himself quite the suave "Motha-Fucka". He studies English and Law in Maynooth University, but rarely attends classes because he is; and I quote - "Too busy mackin them bishes". His love for appletini's is only outweighed by his love for appletini's. Be warned if you ever encounter Dafe in the real world, he will probably turn you to the darkside *whispers* black people...

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