12 Monumental Pop Culture Moments Of 2014

As we approach 2015, we look back on the many celebrity scandals that occurred over 2014. From embarrassing photos, sex lists and drug scandals, we're going to cover them all!

12) Tracy Morgan Car Accident

On the 6th of June this year, Tracy Morgan was in a massive pile-up on the New Jersey turnpike. His limo bus was rear-ended by an 18 wheel tractor trailer, which resulted in the 30 Rock star being hospitalized. At the time of writing, he is still struggling but slowly regaining his health.

11) The One Direction Drug Scandal

Back in February, One Direction members Zayn and Louis attended the BRIT awards, where they were caught on camera joking about drugs and smoking a joint. Teen girls around the world wept as their boy-next-door image was destroyed.


10) The Lindsey Lohan Sex List

All the way back in March, a list of celebrities was revealed, which was supposedly all of the famous people that Lindsey Lohan had slept with. The list included celebrities such as James Franco and Zac Efron, both of whom have denied have sex with the washed up actress.

9)The Justin Bieber Deposition

After one of his bodyguards assaulted a papparazzo, Justin Bieber sat for a deposition and proved he was the tiniest, most insolent little shit on the planet. It's best to simply watch the video really!


8) Shia LaBeouf's Plagiarism

Shia LaBeouf was caught up in a plagiarism scandal when it was revealed that his short film "" was a clear replication of Daniel Clowes comic "Justin M. Damiano". To make it worse, he issued a public apology which was also a replication. His apology contained lines from the works of writer Benoit Duteurte and the late Charles Bukowski.

7) The Oscar Selfie


During Oscar season, Twitter witnessed the most re-tweeted photo since it's inception when Ellen Degeneres got a bunch of celebrities together for a massive Oscar selfie. It was beautiful.

6) Benedict Cumberbatch Got Engaged

All the Cumberbitches in the world wept tears of heartbreak when Benedict Cumberbatch announced his engagement to his long term girlfriend, Sophie Hunter. This was announced in a very old fashioned way, it appeared in the weddings column of the Times. The method of announcement was also deemed news-worthy, apparently.

5) Matt Damon Ice Bucket Challenge


The Ice Bucket Challenge absolutely swept the globe during the summer and a lot of celebrities took part in the charitable event as well. While the entire movement was the main story, Matt Damon's Ice Bucket Challenge was a highlight. Instead of using clean water, which was sorely needed in third world countries, he made a statement by using toilet water instead.

4) Solange And Jay-Z Elevator Brawl

The drama triangle between Jay-Z and the Knowles sisters was pretty intense this year, as Solange was caught assaulting Jay-Z in an elevator at The Standard Hotel. It has since come out that Solange was defending her sister, after she felt Jay-Z was too close to fashion designer, Rachel Roy.


3) Kim And Kanyes Wedding

Possibly the biggest wedding of the year happened back in May, when Kanye and Kim finally tied the knot in Italy. The wedding was huge, Jaden Smith showed up in a white Bat-suit and their honeymoon was in Cork, giving all the Irish fans an opportunity to stalk!

2) Kim Kardashians Butt Pic

Incredibly, Kim managed to get onto this list twice, and both incidents pretty high up on the list. And the happiest day of her life was not the biggest incident. It was the nude pics that did it. Not because we were fascinated by her naked body (this is a girl who became famous because of a sex tape after all). It was the fact that she naively thought it would be a big deal. Which in turn, turned it into a big deal.

1) The Fappening

What else could have been the biggest story of the year? It had to involve Jennifer Lawrence. When a whole bunch of celebrities phones and accounts were hacked, a ton of actresses nude photos were leaked online, with everyone's favourite J-Law affected the most. Other celebrities affected include Kate Upton and Kirsten Dunst. There was a severe backlash to this incident, with J-Law insisting that anyone who posted the pictures, or even looked at them, was committing a sex crime.

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