Pringles Festival Essentials

Whether it's Electric Picnic, or you're lucky enough to go to Creamfields, there's a list of essentials everyone needs to bring along. If it's your first time going to a festival, you're not going to know exactly what you need to bring, despite all the horror stories. I've given the main essentials that should be inside everyone's ruck sack.


No late night festival campsite session is complete without a nice compact set of speakers so that everyone can keep the party going well into the early morning after all the other music has been switched off.

Pringles, the number one selling snack in Ireland have embarked on their #PringlesPartyTour this summer by giving away thousands of music prizes, all you have to do is share your favourite party photo from the summer on Twitter or Instagram using #PringlesPartyTour for your chance to win. Pringles are also giving away thousands of pairs of free speakers to customers who buy two cans of Pringles so you can keep the party going all night long. To get your hands on these awesome speakers simply enter 2 codes from the top of your two Pringles cans (1 code per pack) and Pringles will send you out your speakers just in time for some festival fun.

Baby wipes/ toilet paper

This is probably the most important thing to bring! If you're a hygiene freak like me, I don't think you'd fancy taking a 'shower' in those portaloos. Covered in whatever's in there, they're not really a place you'd like to ehh, freshen up. Baby wipes are an essential for freshening up and will be your much needed substitute for showers for three days! Pee-yeww!

Rain gear

And the complete opposite, because it is Ireland after all. Prepare for the worst, it will more than likely pour out of the heavens. Buy a light waterproof jacket in Penneys or Dunnes, and even some waterproof pants.



Yes this is clearly the most obvious thing on the list after your tent but you'd be surprised the amount of people you will see walking around in runners and sandals, #craycray. If it's anything like Punchestown, no matter what the weather it'll be a giant mud pit!


Extra Underwear

Just in case! Bring enough for the weekend and an extra pair or two, accidents happen you know! Things just get a bit out of hand at festivals...



Sleeping bag

Sleeping in a warm hoody just doesn't suffice for a hard, cold, wet, miserable bed. Even if it takes up a lot of room and is difficult to carry, a sleeping bag is a must have for camping. Make sure it zips up to keep you some bit warm throughout the night. If you're feeling sneaky, it might have room for two!



Of course! Bring loads of it. If you're camping, you'll need a three day supply because let’s face it, €7.50 for a drink inside is a bit of a joke! Be clever, bring a plastic bottle full of drink because you won't be allowed bring in glass bottles. Bring enough to have the craic but always drink responsibly. No one wants to wake up and find a photo of themselves trending on Twitter...



Emergency Money

No this does not mean, “I've drank too much and need more drink” money! But it's always better to have more rather than less, especially if something happens. Imagine missing your bus home, no way home, and no money. You'll never know how much things cost too, festivals are a money racket so don't faint when he says your garlic cheese chip and chicken burger costs €11. Just be prepared for all types of emergencies!

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