This Puppy Play Date Event Sounds Like An Absolute Dream

This Puppy Play Date Event Sounds Like An Absolute Dream

What's better than having a puppy as your BFF? Being able to bring your BFF to meet lots of other cute BFFs and everyone living happily ever after in a cute canine world of adorability - gah!

For your dog obsessed soul I bring news, an event is coming your way in February that's absolutely FREE. On February 3, Puppy Play Dates, created by and DSPCA Dog Training, will be hosting an event to help socialise your puppy.

The Puppy Play Date is a 45-minute session for puppies that are 8 weeks to 6 months old (sorry, old dog) with the puppy learning social skills through their interaction with other puppies. The Kingofpaws Dog Trainer will help you understand your dog in order to create a bond that will last a lifetime.

The goal of the play date is to provide families and dog owners a safe place for their puppies to learn. Puppies interacting with other puppies is the safest way to help your pooch develop and puppies usually learn and exhibit behaviours such as 'wrestling, growling, yips of excitement and chasing when they're a part of a litter. These bonding moments have to continue with their peers throughout their formative puppy years.

Puppies that grow up in isolation – both from other dogs as well as from a wide variety of humans – have a bigger chance of developing fear-based aggression in later life. By interacting with other puppies, your pup can learn self-control and how to bounce back.

So if you and your number one are in need of some canine therapy then sign yourself up. Click here to attend and learn more about the Puppy Play Date event.


Can't. cope.

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