Lisps, Pale Skin and Tattoos... Quirky Things That Men Find Attractive

Generally speaking, guys like the same things in women. I mean, we like girls who can function as normal human beings. But sometimes normal isn't enough. There are so many small things that men find attractive, which just don't seem to get as much air-time as that amazing ass or solid rack. From sexy lisps to tattoos, here are some quirky things men find attractive in women...

Sexy Lisp

I'm not talking about a Daffy Duck say-it-don't-spray-it lisp. I'm talking about Ellie Goulding, sexy-ass, say something plural to me lisp. God-damn that is so fucking hot!


Nobody likes perfection in a human. It's unnerving and unnatural. Like flawless skin and dead straight, perfectly white teeth. It's all a bit much sometimes. Something small like slightly crooked teeth or a big nose can somehow make girls more attractive. Weird but totally true.

Girl Who Aren't Afraid To Eat


It's almost a cliché at this stage. When the girl orders a salad to look lady-like and then proceeds to pick at your food, it's wildly annoying. If a girl is confident enough to order a massive burger and get messy as fuck while eating it, she gets a thumbs-up from me. It's related to how much of a fuck the girl about other people's opinions. The less she cares, the hotter she is!

Raspy Voice

Hot! Sometimes a girl has a deeper, raspier voice and it just works! Don't ask me how, because I don't know! Now by deeper and raspier, I'm not talking Adam's apple deep... I'm talking about Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie level of raspiness.

Plays a Random Instrument

When a girl can play the ukulele, violin, saxophone or even the glockenspiel, she immediately becomes hotter in my eyes. She becomes more interesting. Interesting is hot. Plus, it means she's probably good with her hands... and that's never a bad thing.



It can be very hot when a girl is just a flat out, unashamed nerd. I don't mean "Oh my Gawd, I'm SUCH a nerd! Look at my jumper that says nerd and my glasses, aren't I a nerd!?" No, you're visually impaired and have shit fashion sense, shut the fuck up. I'm talking about the girls who are genuinely interested in superhero films because they love comics and girls who played Pokemon on their GameBoy. That's attractive!

Pale Skin

Yes, please! By pale skin I mean soft, light pale, a la Rosamund Pike. The shade that comes with naturally auburn/ginger hair is also amazing. Think Karen Gillan and Isla Fisher. Mmmmmm!


Not Wearing Makeup

Again, this comes down to confidence. If a girl has the stones to go bare-faced and genuinely not give a shit, it's hot. Now if the girl looks absolutely awful without makeup, it might not be a good thing. I just like the idea that a girl doesn't have to be hidden behind a layer of foundation and eyeliner to leave the house. Also, she doesn't take hours to get ready for a standard expedition.

Alternative Style

OK, so men aren't totally stupid. Yes, we are stupid, but not blindingly ignorant to what's going on before our very eyes. We can see that 90% of 16-26 year-old girls dress in the same way. Most of the time we don't care because, ideally, the clothes come off anyway and fashion by it's very nature is fashionable, so it doesn't assault our senses. But in saying that, when a girl denies those safer trends and looks cool doing her own thing, it makes her instantly more appealing to us.


OK so probably not quirky but definitely hot. Tattoos have become more and more socially acceptable in recent years, but if a girl has a cool little tattoo, you'll take notice. It's subjective, so it comes down to personal preference, but quirky little tattoos are a definite turn-on for me.

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James Grey
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Having travelled much of the world and seen what it has to offer James has decided that his love of gifs and casual drinking must take precedence. As the undisputed yet unofficial champion of both Pong and Kings, he hopes to take his talents to the next stage and compete internationally.

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