Stop The Lights - A Real Life Mario Kart Track Is Actually Being Built

Stop The Lights - A Real Life Mario Kart Track Is Actually Being Built

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Anyone who has ever played Mario Kart knows how competitive things can get. Well, it looks like the insanity of Marios world is about to become live action with the announcement of a real life Mario Kart Track.

The Niagra Falls in Canada will see a bunch of new attractions and the Mario Kart track one is set to be one of many. HOCO limited are a tourism and resorts company who is set to introduce the track to the entertainment strip of the Falls, Clifton Hill. The real-life Mario Kart track will be called "Niagara Speedway" but there's no word yet whether or not it'll include any of the games iconic villains.

So far, we don't have an exact idea of what it'll actually look like but apparently, a theme park in Branson, Missouri is the most similar looking. The track will be over 4-storeys tall and will enough dips and dives to leave you puking the whole way home.


Other new attractions that will appear beside the real life Mario Kart track will be a zombie exhibit, Walking Dead fans rejoice, a 4D motion theatre and a renovated Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum.

The Kart and other attractions will be ready to go in early 2018 and will begin being tested in October. Tayto Park, take note.

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