Move Over Creme Egg, There's A New Yolk In Town

Move Over Creme Egg, There's A New Yolk In Town

What do you get when you take Reese's chocolate, peanut butter and Easter? The egg of your dreams, that's what. The Gods over at Reese's have decided to create a peanut butter Easter egg that's set to rival the great Cadbury's Creme Egg.

The egg is called Reese's Peanut Butter Créme and it's already causing a storm on social media amongst fans of the nutty chocolate:



In the past we had the likes of Galaxy, Rolo, Cadbury's Caramel but we feel like Reese's will take the crown. At the eggs center is a creamy and smooth peanut butter filling with an exterior coated in delicious milk chocolate.

In the US you can find a white and milk chocolate version of the egg but so far we're only hearing about milk chocolate alternative hitting Irish shelves. The eggs will come in a box of three and although they're being rolled out in Tesco UK shops as of now we're not certain when they'll arrive on Irish shores.

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