UCD Student Gone Into Hiding After 100th Attempt At Selfie Gets Just Two Instagram Likes

UCD Student Gone Into Hiding After 100th Attempt At Selfie Gets Just Two Instagram Likes

FEARS grow for Dublin teenager who has been missing for over three days, following a Selfie Fail. Sarah O'Rourke, 19, was last seen taking a selfie while she attempted her best duck face pose in the UCD toilets on Friday afternoon.

After filtering the selfie to Amaro, and posting it to her Instagram account, Sarah's photo garnered just two likes - a first in the student's history of using social media.

This was Sarah's 100th attempt at a selfie that day and Gardaí believe the incident is connected to her disappearance.

"A number of eye witnesses report seeing Sarah in a distressed state when she saw her most recent selfie, captioned Friday Fun Hun, got just two likes on Instagram," said a Gardaí spokesperson. "Sarah allegedly lost her balance when she read a few of the comments and fell on top of the hand dryer."

User DByrne98o commented underneath the post 'rough night?' while Jayobud wrote 'Jaysus Sarah you sure you meant to post that' accompanied with 10 laughing emojis. Sarah's frenemy Lauren Byrne posted, 'Going for the natural look I see hun.'

Sarah's friends believe the Rathmines teen is suffering from Selfie Shock as a result of her Instagram fail, and has gone to ground in an attempt to 'let things die down.' One of Sarah's closest friends, who does not wish to be named, believes she is simply "having a bit of down time."

"Sarah took loads of different selfies that day and always gets at least 50 likes on her Instagram posts, and minimum 100 when she posts a selfie to Facebook. She tried different filters on Friday Fun Hun, like Valencia and Sierra, before she settled on Amaro. She thought it made her look the most natural out of all of them."


Sarah's friend, who gave her a glass of water and some red lippie after the incident, said there was no calming the teen down. "She just kept refreshing the feed in a panic, hoping that there was some sort of a mistake. She thought the Wifi was down but when she saw Tracey Farrell got 33 likes on her selfie, 20 minutes after Sarah posted hers, it finally dawned on her what happened."

Sarah's BFF said that although she's "scarlet" for her, she just wants her to come home so she can get through it with the help of friends and family.

"Just come home Sarah. And bring my lippie with you hun, it's my new Max Factor one."

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this article, it's important to talk to someone.

UCD have said they will not be taking action over the broken hand dryer.

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