Seven Romantic Leads Who Hated Each Other

You know how it is; You arrive on set all prepared to play a loved-up couple, but then you meet your co-star and there's some friction. They're a little rude, or just an outright prick. Okay, maybe you don't know any of this, seeing as most of us aren't world famous movie stars... But these actors had to really hone their craft whilst playing the romantic lead opposite someone they hated.

1) Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio

They were playing the most famous couple of all time, star-crossed and fated to die in each other's arms, but Romeo and Juliet didn't get along so well behind the scenes. Danes allegedly found Leo to be too immature for her taste, and the two ignored each other at times between shots. She has since attributed this tension to them both being teenagers at the time. Understandable really.

2) Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey

The Dirty Dancing couple may have had great chemistry on screen, but off there was unending tension. Swayze apparently found Grey to be moody and far too emotional. Really, how dare she?!

3) Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush

This pairing didn't start off hating each other, what with them getting married a few years into the series. However, Murray cheated on Sophia causing her to file for divorce a mere five months into the union. Needless to say, the next few years on set were a tad awkward.

4) Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn was notoriously difficult to work with, turning up late and having to have her lines fed to her regularly. While Curtis and Monroe had a relationship previous to filming, he claims that she had taken a turn by the time they shot Some Like It Hot and that kissing her was like kissing Hitler. Charming.

5) Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard

While Peppard may have played the Paul Varjak to Hepburn's Holly Golightly with skill, in reality, even the director didn't want him cast. Well known for his self-importance and air of arrogance, Peppard didn't have many friends amongst the film's cast and crew, with even Audrey calling him pompous.

6) Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling

Yes, everyone's favourite couple ever didn't actually like each other while filming The Notebook. The director has said that the two fought constantly, to the point that Gosling asked that she actually leave a scene because he couldn't work with her. But apparently animosity breeds chemistry because we all know how well it came across on screen and the two ended up dating for years after the film.

7) Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson

The most recent love interests that are purported to hate each other, there is little to prove the veracity of those claims. Except the absolute lack of chemistry between the two and their distinct cold attitude towards each other on the press tour. The next two films should be fun...

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