Sex, Money And Power: The Fundamental Appeal of Mr. Christian Grey

February 14th 2015 - a date that women all over the world have penciled in a night with the most lusted over man in the world: Mr. Christian Grey.

A sexy, confident, dominant, billionaire tycoon - what more could you want?! Well ladies (and gentlemen too!) there is so much more to this man than bucket loads of sex appeal, and even more bucket loads of cash! Let's take a look at the true appeal of Mr. Christian Grey...


Well this was obvious, but it still needs to be included! Christian Grey = 'Grey't sex! (See what I did there?!) In a world where drunken, messy nights leads to drunken, messy sex for most of us, the idea that someone, i.e. Mr. Grey, may actually know how to please a woman, is one of the most attractive qualities about this man; one that has women all over the world breathing heavily for! Maybe it's not perfect sex, but for every illicit encounter between Christian and Ana, it's enough to get womens' hearts racing simply by imagining it! Confidence and knowledge in the bedroom makes any man instantly more attractive. Gentlemen, take note! Most women like their men to take charge in the bedroom! Not all the time fair enough, you're entitled to be dominated too (if that's what you're into!) but trust me, show your woman a bit of passion, whisk her off her feet, literally and show her that you simply can't take your hands off her! Your woman will thank you for it and will want to show you the same; it's a win/win really!



So there is the argument that his power comes from his wealth or indeed vice versa, but either way, Christian Grey is a powerful man and he knows it. So what is it about power that makes us go weak at the knees? Is it the 'I want-I get' drive that exudes confidence? The 'I know what I want and I have to have it' look on someone's face? There is something so alluring about a man who knows what he wants; a man that's decisive. Instead of a "Where do you wanna go tonight?" it's "Be ready at 8, I have dinner booked and a surprise after." The power associated with decisiveness is an extremely attractive quality, especially to those who are relatively indecisive (i.e. most of the student population!). Christian Grey has this power of decisiveness and more; the powers of seduction, the power to control and not to mention the power associated with being an extremely rich CEO! For whatever reason, we are attracted to power like moths to a flame. Maybe it's a certain vibe, an impression or an illusion even but either way, power is often equated with confidence and I don't care what anyone says, confidence is THE most endearing quality that anybody can possess.


However, as aforementioned, confidence can be an illusion and I believe the sole reason why women all over the world have fallen for Christian Grey is his vulnerability. Despite being this sexy, dominant and powerful man in every other aspect of his life, he is haunted by demons of his past and the idea that he needs a girl as 'plain' and 'vanilla' as Ana for solace and comfort makes him even more of a catch! Women by nature are caring and loving, so when we see this billionaire dom troubled and broken, it elicits sympathy from females all over the world who want to 'fix' or 'nurture' him. Again, making him even more attractive!


On the other hand, one of the major debates about Grey is whether or not his possessiveness over Ana is just too much. The answer? Yes it is. Do not track us with a GPS device; this is a deal-breaker! However, there is just something so damn hot about a jealous boyfriend. I'm not telling you to go out and make your men jealous ladies because that's just asking for trouble, but you can't help how he feels sometimes! Maybe it's just me but if my boyfriend felt the need to stand up and say (politely yet assertively) "She's with me", I think I'd jump on him there and then (politely yet assertively!). There are some who believe that Grey is an obsessive-compulsive control freak but hey, it's a fictional novel! The success of the book is proof enough that despite his OCD, there is something darkly attractive about someone who wants the world to know you're his and obscenely romantic about someone would literally go to the ends of the earth to protect you.

Does a real-life Christian Grey exist? Probably not! Maybe we're all just hopeless romantics living vicariously through series like Fifty Shades and lusting over fictional men like Mr. Christian Grey! A girl can dream, right?

Leanne Quinn
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Leanne is a fun-loving, 21 year old Psychology student (yes she analyses everything that you say and do!) at the University of Limerick but is originally from a little village called Coralstown/Kinnegad, in Co. Westmeath (yes it is a real place!). She is a friendly, outgoing and motivated young woman with many interests including all kinds of music, sport, health & fitness and general well-being. If you want to really freak her out, send her a picture of a cow. She has a genuine fear of them; don't laugh, it's a condition! She loves to travel; after having taken a year out, moving to Canada and learning to ski, attempting to snowboard and travelling the east coast of Canada and some of America, she has definitely been bitten by the bug! Writing is a huge passion of hers and you can follow her escapades on Facebook or Twitter @LeanneCQuinn or if there is anything you would like to ask her you can email her at [email protected].

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