Sexy Eyes Perfected

Let's take one thing, black eyeliner and a cat flick. Here's what we know about getting it right.
What's required:
1. A steady hand. Don't even think about trying this if you're wired up on coffee or in a rush. Take deep breaths and relax. It's not brain surgery but tricky all the same.2. Black eyeliner.  Liquids rule. Pencils just don't cut it and go all a-smudge.3. A neutral eyeshadow -- peach or taupe. You want to create a perfect canvas for the black line you are about to perfect. You will get it perfect.4. A tried and tested black mascara. A cat eye without the proper fringe is like being near Bunsen Burger on the first day of a diet. Just bad news...

OK -Let's do it:

Step one: Brush the neutral shadow on entire lid.This is the easy part.

Step two: Starting on the inside of the eye, trace the black liquid eyeliner right along your upper lash line with a steady hand. Get that elbow on a coffee table or something stable. Breathe deep. The line should be ultra-fine. The only way to create a thicker line is to go back and add another right next to the first one. By doing this, you already have a straight line to follow. Go easy tiger and don't get too excited. Black eyeliner is not dissimilar to that second burger (on day one of your diet) - sometimes too much of a good thing is actually too much.

Step three: You want to flip the line upwards at the end. I won't lie this is tricky. I can only take you this far. You should watch the videos below and learn from the true masters. It's different for everyone. I get it right sometimes, sometimes I really don't and have to start all over. 



Step four: Add a boatload of mascara to TOP LASHES ONLY. I am talking like two, maybe even three coats. You might want to either add a few false eyelashes to the outer lashes OR just add more mascara there. The longer the lashes at the outer end, the more of a cat eye you get.

Step five: Take your eyes out somewhere nice to be admired. 

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