Shit You Had To Deal With When You Had Braces

Braces are a part of growing up, to make yourself better looking all you had to do was look like a total nerd for a couple of years. What could possibly make your teenage self more awkward than a mouth full of metal.

1) The apprehension that nobody would want to kiss you..

This was definitely the worst part  part of braces. Kissing. Having braces was like having a warning sign on your face that you probably weren't going to be that much fun to kiss.

2) The First Visit To The Orthodontist

An orthodontist is not like a dentist. He invaded your mouth like it was a poor African nation and waged war on your gappy teeth.


3) The Retainer

If you had really shitty teeth/bone structure your first stop in the process is always a retained. Mine was a big chunky thing that I could only take out when eating. Having to remove the damn thing at every meal time is the worst..


4) The first time you get train tracks


First day after getting braces was always the worst. Your lips were all cut and bruised from the  metal scraping your mouth at every opportunity proving that beauty does equal pain.

5) Getting food stuck in your braces on a daily bases

Every.single day.


6) And having people point it out to you in public

''You have some green shit in your teeth''- Oh the embarrassment..

7) Elastics


Whoever invented these little fuckers was seriously having a laugh. Removing them to eat was so annoying and any time you laughed to hard they would snap. Also every time you opened your mouth everyone could see them. "What are those things in your mouth??"

8) Tightening days

These were the worst appointments you had to deal with. The apprehension of knowing you had to get the damn things tightened was the worst/



9) Trying to drink soup while everyone else was eating something chewable

This always came in the day after you had to get them tightened.


10) Having people sing the brace face theme song at you


Brace face, teenage, boyfriends don't want to talk about it, it wil work out in the end

11) Trying to smile with your mouth closed..and failing

No way to hide them..



12) Laughing with a big metal grin

Goofy doesn't even cover it.


 13) Feeling not so bad about yourself when you realised Beyonce had them..


Even Queen B rocked the look..

14) Finally getting them off and realising that it was all worth it

One word. Transformation.

Therese Walsh
Article written by
Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.

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