Sh*t Irish College Girls Say Vs What They Actually Mean

Student life is tough. We go out mid week and at the weekends, we are having the time of our lives but we have to study. Why did they have to go and ruin it with the study? College life will make us unpredictable and we find ourselves making false promises. For all you male students out there who can't come to grips with the female species - stop right there. I am here to help with Sh*t Irish College Girls Say. Enjoy!

1) "I'll have the one"

        What w mean: "I will be having several drinks"

2) "I'll get this assignment done sooner rather than later."

         What we mean: "Sooner being the day before it's due, later being after the deadline"


3) "I don't go on Facebook very much"

         What we mean: "I go on facebook as often as is almost socially acceptable. Possibly a bit more."

4) "I can't wait to graduate"


         What we mean: "I can't wait to have money to buy things"

5) "I don't drink cheap vodka..."

        What we mean: "I don't drink cheap vodka unless i'm broke or there's nothing else to drink"


6) "I'm on a diet this week"

         What we mean: "I'm really gona try and not get Dominoes this week"

7) "Ugh, so annoying, I had to get the Luas"

        What we mean: "Ugh so annoying, had to get off one stop early because the inspectors came on"


8) "The state of your one"

           What we mean: "God, I wish I could get away with those shorts" 

9) "I'll be there in five, I'm only around the corner"


          What we mean: "I have to have a shower but you'll be grand "

10) "I don't it carbs"

          What we mean: "I don't eat carbs on Mondays"

11) "Oh sure, I cleanse, tone and moisturize every day"


           What we mean: "I'm proud of myself if I manage to use a facewipe"

12) "I'm off to the gym"

           What we mean: "I'm off to starbucks"

13) "It's time to make more of an effort in college"


          What we mean: "I'm really gona try and make it to a Monday lecture this semester"

14) "I'm gonna get a healthy wrap"

            What we mean: "I'm going to buy a wrap with deep fried chicken and coleslaw"


15) "I am not scoring anyone tonight. I swear to you"

            What we mean: "I'm not gona openly hunt anyone down but I will definitely score a ride if opportunity knocks. Obvs."

16) "I can't go out tonight I'm so broke"


          What we mean: "I'm waiting to see what the options are before making a decision"

17) "I'm so done with drama"

            What we mean: "I'm pretty sure I'm wrong here so I'm gona pretend I don't even care"

18) "I don't want anything on Valentine's Day? I'm not that kind of girl"


            What we mean: "You better surprise the crap out of me"

19) "You look great!"

             What we mean: "Tell me I look great!"

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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