Sh!t That An Only Child Has To Deal With

Obviously being an only child has it's perks, like not having anyone to share your parents affection / money with. Which ultimately means one thing... More presents! But it also has it's down side, mainly having to come up with invisible friends for you to pass the time with and by time I mean most of your childhood... :(

Dealing with people who say: "But you don't seem like an only child"

What does that even mean?

Two-player video games are always a bit tricky

Teddy = Player Two.


People who accuse you of being a bit spoilt

Thing is, sometimes you ARE a little selfish

And you're very reluctant to share anything...


But then again can you name someone who isn't?

The way twins relate to The Parent Trap...

You relate to The Shining

You get VERY close with your BFF because they're like a sibling to you


In general, you tend to prefer the company of older people

Because kids be cray.

90s TV shows made you a bit sad. There were so many siblings!


Apart from Sabrina of course

Sabrina didn't even have parents!

One Christmas you even asked Santa for a little brother

Guess he got stuck in the chimney :(


You're not great at confrontation

You were never wrestled by an older brother, how do people even fight?

People LOVE asking you if you had imaginary friends as a kid

In fact you were friends with the friends of those imaginary friends.


You're still learning how 'housemates' work

The basics of cohabitation don't come naturally e.g. don’t eat their food, respect their privacy, clean up after yourself etc.

At times your parents were a little overbearing

Then again they were also quite naive: "Mum I'm the ONLY person in my year who hasn't seen The Blair Witch Project. Let me watch it!".


They had no other point of reference so you could get away with things easier.

Small talk kind of ends when people ask: "Do you have siblings?"

Christmas isn't a great turn out

The whole unwrapping of the presents never takes very long


19. By the time it's the afternoon you feel a bit bored

But in general being an only child is AWESOME

Undivided attention... Only child = the best child!

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