Sh*t That Happens On A Girls Holiday

The one time of year you and your cleverly named group of girls go on holidays is so exciting. But, with all the alocohol, sun stroke and hangovers, things are bound to go awry. Even if it was the best holiday you have ever had something will go wrong. And, I am here to prepare you all  in advance for the mistakes you and your friends will make. Here is Sh*t That Happens On A Girls Holiday.

1) People Disappearing With The Room Key

The person who takes the room key has all of the control. They are usually responsible and always there to give the key to who wants to go home first. But, at least for two of these nights, they will disappear. Their phone will run out of battery or be on silent and you will have no clue where they are. Queue the utter panic and you and your friends waiting outside the apartment in the freezing cold waiting for them to come home.

2) Someone Not Coming Home

It seemed fine and grand when you were drunk, but, when you wake up at 1 the next day with no text or sign from your friend, you get worried. Send in the drama and panic of looking for your lost friend. Turns out she was just with some guy but a text would have been nice.


3) The Broke Friend

If you are low on cash why didn't you work more before going on the holiday or go out less. Now we are away all on the same page except you. But, you have a way of turning it around and making us feel bad for you. So, we end up eating pesto pasta every night for 2 weeks - fantastic.

4) Guestlist Not Being Guestlist

You emailed the biggest nightclub here a week in advance, so, you guys could get guestlist and get in no problem. You all arrive to the club and see that they can't remember or you don't have it. Guess, it is off to McDonalds and straight to bed.


5) The Shopaholic

There is one girl in the group that can't control herself around the shops. It is her own money and own business, but, if the consistent shopping means not being able to afford to go out, it is highly irritating.

6) Hotel Room


When you are on a budget, but still want to stay in the best hotel there, it may be a situation where 13 are in one room. This causes chaos. With the hangovers, fights from the night before and sun stroke, because "why would you need sun cream?", it is a recipe for disaster.

7) Someone Staying In And Making Someone Stay With Them

There is always that one friend that is too hungover to go out or just not bothered. They have a way of making people feel bad for them and ending up with one person staying in with them. This is not okay and, quite frankly, a major buzz kill.


8) The Smiling Dog

I hate to admit it but going to America last summer I was the smiling dog of the group. I had never been there before and everything excited me. The smiling dog can be very annoying and too positive at times. This can piss off other members of the camp.

9) The Picky Eater

Nothing will please them and they will turn their nose up at fish and anything that isn't fried. This can be embarrassing at times. Make sure your picky eaters look the menu up in advance to avoid disappointment,


10) The Foodie

#paleo #glutenfree #clean eating - if you have one of these in your group - beware. They will make sure to point out how much sugar or salt is in every meal you eat and their condescending glare will make you want to punch them in the face.


11) Language Barriers

If no one in the group speaks the language of your holiday destination it can get annoying. Make sure at least one member of your group has a dictionary of some sort because, once the taxi man thinks you don't have a clue, those prices will sky rocket.

12) The Sleazy Waiter

There will always be at least 5 sleazy waiters on your travels and one of your friends will score them all. Maybe it is a fetish of theirs? Who knows? But, it will be awkward for everyone present.

12) The New Boyfriend

There will be one in the group that has a holiday romance. Good for them but when you have a one roomed apartment, and now have a new foreign addition coming around every day, it will get weird. You will see your friend less and they will constantly be with their love of their life.

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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