Signs Your Boyfriend's Mum Hates You

Ah, the Irish Mammy... The one thing that will always stand between you and your man. She would literally forgive her son for starting World War 3, more than likely coming to the conclusion that "boys will be boys". Her son is the apple of her eye and nothing he does will ever be wrong according to are just the so and so who is trying to lead him off the beaten track, fluttering your eyelashes and flashing your arse in trying to take her place as the most important woman in his life...but alas.... you won't.

It's always your fault for her son not being in touch as much

She's competitive and sneaky and becomes increasingly dependent on her son

She's overly nice and/or pretentious around you


She compares you to other a negative way

She belittles your achievements

She will constantly remind you that nothing is good enough for her son


She refers to you as 'the girl' or 'yer wan'

She knocks your clothes, saying things like 'Are you sure you won't be cold in that skirt?' or 'Why don't I lend you a scarf to cover up...'

She doesn't invite you to family events


She constantly suggests to your boyfriend that he's too young to be attached

In conversations with your boyfriend where its her opinion versus yours she overuses the term... "but I'm your mother"

But at the end of the day she's just afraid of losing her son to you....and will fight you all the way to keep him!

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Colin O'Dwyer
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