Did They Just Look At Me? Sign's You're Obsessed With Your College Crush

It's one thing to like someone or be attracted to them. but it's another to be completely obsessed with them. Not only do you think about them all the time, but you always fantasize about being with them as well. You might still think that you just like them, but really at this stage it's more than just liking them. Here are signs you're obsessed with your college crush.

19) You always have your eye on them in class

The first thing you do when you go into your lecture is look around to see where they are. Once you spot them you will always have a glance over to see who they're sitting with. You know where they usually sit so you're seat is always in a position where you have a good view of them in class. It isn't just a coincidence that it keeps happening.

18) You always seem to be daydreaming about them

It's seems like you day dream more and more and you probably don't even realise. No matter what, you will always end up thinking about them one way or another. You might start off thinking about something random like what you're going to have for lunch, but sooner or later your mind goes back to them.


17) The only reason you got to class is to see them

Well besides passing the class and all that malarky, the main reason you even go into college is to see themEven though you might not actually talk to them, you just want to be in their presence and observe them. It all sounds very stalkerish anyway.

16) You get dissapointed when they're not in

If they don't end up going to class you're severly dissapointed and you feel let down in some way. It means you actually have to listen in class or just go on Facebook. Most of the time you just have to make do, but sometimes someone else might catch your eye... Happy days!


15) You check their Facebook an unhealthy amount of times a day

If you always find yourself on their Facebook page, then you're clearly creeping. You always have to check in on them and see what they are up to and god forbid you see them in pictures with other people. Of course, every status that they put up, you will  always be the first one to like it.

14) You spend more time than usual getting ready

You obviously want to make an impression so you put extra effort into looking good. It's mainly on the off chance that you will actually bump into them, which is probably unlikely because there is so many people in your class. There is no harm in looking good, but if you seem to put way more time into how you look you clearly have a thing for them.


13) Anytime you hear someone say their name your ears perk up

If anyone even mentions their name you will always listen in on their conversation. It's more of a reaction and even if they say something that slightly resembles their name you will want to listen in on it.

12) You seem to always be talking about them to your friends

Your friends know a lot about them and they haven't even met them. You always seem to be talking about them to your friends and even when you don't mean it, they always seem to come up in conversation somehow. Your friends give you stick about  them it sounds like you're actually going out with them because you talk about them so much.

11) You wonder if they think of you, even though you don't know them that well


You have talked to them a couple of times, but it's always just been smalltalk. Then you wonder if they think of you even though they probably have forgotten your name. If you got to know them a little better than maybe they would think of you, but at the moment they probably just vaguely remember you.

10) You start to get into the same things they do

So you have a snoop around their Facecbook page to see what kind of stuff interests them. Then you start to get into the same thing they do, so you have something in common with them. If you do ever talk to them about it,  you probably don't have a clue what you're talking about.

9) You do in depth research on people who post on their wall


"Are they just a friend, or something more", you have to find out. Most of the time it is just a friend or their sister, but you will go to great lengths to see if they have any romantic connections with anyone else.

8) On several occasions you have googled their name

Your not satisfied with their profile page and you want to find out more infomration about them. You have googled their name several times in attempt to find some obsecucre information on them. Then, if you do find out about something strange they like, they will wonder how you could have possibly found that out. Doing this is definitely not advised.

7) You start to compare yourself to TV couples


Along with fantasizing about being with them, you compare yourself to couples in tv shows. Ross and Rachel, Jess and Nick or Ted and Tracy, you always compare yourself to them even though you're not even in a relationship.

6) You get insanely jealous when you see them talking with someone else

If you know that it's just a friend then it's not so bad, but when you see them with someone you don't know, you get really jealous. You immediately jump to the worst conclusions even if they are just having a chat with each other.

5) You get really defensive when someone else talks bad about them


They might say something as small as " I think they used to be skinnier in school", you will come up with some excuse for them as if you know everything about them. Literally any bad thing that someone says about them is a reason for you to get hot at the collar.

4) They could literally do anything and you would still fancy them

They could be in court for drug charges and you would find some way to spin it,  as if they're an entrepreneur. You're blinded by your affections for them so it doesn't matter what they do, your opinion on them won't change.

3) You know exactly what their daily routine is


You know what their daily schedule is like, so you know where they will be. You use it to your advantage and "accidentally" bump into them on the street. It is becoming an all too regular occurrence and they start to get suspicious that you're actually stalking them.

2) You read way too much into what they say to you.

You think that what they say to you has some hidden meaning behind it and that their true feelings are underneath. If it's only smalltalk then chances are, there is nothing more to it and you are just trying to make some out of nothing.

1) You're always dropping hints

You do anything and everything to get their attention and will take any opportunity you can to drop hints that you like them. When you do, you make it really obvious that you like them. On one handyou want them to know you're interested in them, but you don't want them to know how obsessed you are with them, because it would scare them away for sure.

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