16 Signs That You're Secretly Paranoid

We all have our reservations about certain things, but there are some of us that have full blown paranoia. You might not even realise it, but you've never fully trusted someone and have always been a little guarded. To you that's just who you are, but you could actually just be paranoid. Here are the signs that you're secretly paranoid.

16) You always jump to the worst conclusion when you hear a noise during the night

There you are, lying in bed and you haven't quite got to sleep yet, then all of a sudden you hear a noise. You automatically think that it's someone breaking into the house and you stay paralyzed in your bed. More than likely it was just the wind, but you will always overreact as if your life is in danger.

15) You always think someone said your name

For some reason when you hear something that slighlty resembles the sound of your name, your ears perk up like a dog. It's strange that you think that someone that doesn't even know you was talking about you. When you're paranoid, you think that somehow they do.


14) You have an irrational fear of elevators

You will still get in them, but you're afraid that it will get stuck and you will end up trapped. If it did happen, you would panic and make the situation worse. You always breath a sigh of relief when you get to your floor and you just hope that the door won't get stuck.

13) You get home as fast as you can after watching a scary movie

After you watch a scary movie in your friend's house, you dread having to walk home, You think that the world has changed since you were outside last and whatever murderer that was in the movie is out there somewhere waiting for you.


12) You know one day that someone will be behind you when you look in the mirror

You would never say Bloody Mary in the mirror three times, you don't even joke about that sort of thing. You still have this suspicion that someday when you least expect it you will see someone behind you in the mirror. The problem is, no one will believe you.

11) You run into bed after you turn off the light

It's even worse when you're going to bed and you have to turn off the lights. You run into your bed after you turn off the lights so that none of the demons will get you. It's understandable when you're young, but if you're a fully fledged adult, it's kind of sad.

10) You will literally believe any conspiracy theory


You still believe that 9/11 was a hoax and you're convinced that you saw a UFO. You always seem to jump on the bandwagon of whatever conspiracy is doing the rounds. Even when it eventually gets proven wrong you're still really stubborn about it.

9) You google people you meet to make sure they don't have a shady past

You're a little untrustworthy of some people, so sometimes you need to do a background check on them. Most of the time they are perfectly normal, but you will always have your suspicions about them no matter how normal they seem.

8) You believe in almost every superstition


Whether it's stepping on a crack, cracking glass or walking under a ladder you do your best to steer clear of them. In all honesty who wants seven years of bad luck. If you happen to do any of these by accident, your day is ruined and you trick yourself into believing that it will come back to bite you. You say you're not that superstituous, but really you are.

7) You always look over your shoulder when you text someone

It's a personal conversation between you and someone else so you don't want anyone looking in on it. You think people snooping around will try to look in on what you're texting. It's more the fact that you don't want them to see the sort of crap you text your friends.

6) You get very suspicious when someone offers you their food


"Why? Is there something wrong with it ," you can't wrap your head around the fact that someone might just want to offer you food to be nice. You will never taste anything from somebody, because you're so suspicious that they did something to it.

5) Your heart always sinks when you hear an ambulance

You always think that when you hear an ambulance that they are going to your house. Even if it's going in the wrong direction you assume that it will end up there eventually. When you get home you're just thankful that it wasn't in the end.

4) You actually think that a song was written about you


We all go through similar things in life and that's why we relate to different songs. You actually think that someone wrote a song about your life, even though the odds are that it's practically impossible. You get really worried that they're writing about your life, like in Stranger than Fiction.

3) At one point in your life you thought your life was like the Truman Show

Not it in a really narcissitic way, but you think that there are people watching you for some strange reason. This might seem a bit extreme, but you have always had this feeling that you're being watched.

2) You automatically trust someone less when they say "I'm just kidding"


Why would someone be mean to you and then pretend that they were only joking. You don't like it when people cover up their intentions so when someone goes from insulting you to joking about it, you start to distrust them.

1) You secretly think that someone is watching you through your webcam

There has been a lot said about people being able to hack into people's webcams, but you're convinced that someone is watching through yours. You even put a piece of tape over it so they can't see anything, this is a definite sign that you're not so secretly paranoid.


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