15 Signs You've Found Your College BFF

15 Signs You've Found Your College BFF

Between assignments and trying to find your class, college is not always the rosiest of experiences. Meeting that special someone in college changes everything. You no longer drink and cry alone. Now the two of you are eternal wipers for each other's tears. Here are 15 signs you've found your college best friend forever:

1. You're both winging it through college

Friends who get lost on campus together, stay together.

2. You both struggle to decide what to eat every day

And promise each other to start bringing in food from home.

3. You know each other's romantic pasts


And you know whose name needs a frown and who needs a smile.

4. They give you emotional support on a daily basis

Whether you're freaking out over a presentation, an assignment that doesn't make any sense, or wondering if you should drop out, your go-to is always there to give you a shoulder to cry on. If you post anything college stress related on social media you already know where the likes are coming from.

5. They recommend taking regular 'library breaks'

To the SU bar for a schneaky one or grabbing snacks and you can never resist saying no.



6. They always tell you the honest truth

The "Am I going to fail?" question is usually followed by an embrace and a gentle pat on the back.

7. You end up in random situations together

and never really question how you got into them in the first place.


8. You promise each other to join a 'mad' society like skydiving

But you never get around to it.

9. They're always laughing the hardest at you

Whether you've fallen over during a lecture or clapped when no one else was clapping, they're usually the person pointing and laughing at you.


10. You can communicate with simply a look

"That person on the left of me has pure notions!" *intense eye stare*

11. You obsessively discuss your college crushes

And you give each other regular updates whenever you see that crush on campus.

12. You always owe each other money


How would college life function without the existence of 'lends', 'going halves' or IOUs?

13. They always sign you in

Your attendance has skyrocketed since you met and your lecturer hasn't said anything.


14. You Snapchat each other whenever you're not together


'Cause you need to share how much you loved that burrito and you won't see them for 24 hours.

15. You're past having to explain yourself

You no longer question why they're late or how you always wear the same clothes.

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