You Can Get A Return Trip To Wales For €6.50 With Stena Line

You Can Get A Return Trip To Wales For €6.50 With Stena Line

I will begin this post with a question. How much would you - you reading this now, that you - like to go to Wales? Look around you, wherever you may be, how would you like to swap your surroundings for Wales? If the answer to these questions is, "I'm not too pushed. I mean I'd like to go, sure, but would only be willing to spend up to a cash ceiling of, say, approximately €6.50."

If that's the case then oh boy is that a relief for the entire raison d'être of the rest of this article. Stena Line are offering people the chance to travel to Wales for a grand total of €6.50. For that price you can travel from either Rosslare to Fishguard or Dublin to Holyhead for a day trip. I will readily admit that when I started to write this article, I presumed it to be €6.50 for a single fair. However, having rechecked their website, I was wrong, so wrong. That is what it costs to go to and return back from, Wales. That is stupidly cheap. Unreasonably cheap; so cheap it's kind of suspicious. But it's not, everything's fine.

And let me tell you, as someone who used to have to regularly travel by ferry to maintain an, ultimately ill-fated, long distance relationship, the ferry and Holyhead are experiences to behold. If you're a fan of post-industrial mining towns attempting to reinvent themselves then Holyhead really is the place for you.

The special offer is available on Tuesday's and costs €15pp on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. You will however need to book through their website 48 hours in advance.


See you on the high seas.

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Rory McNab

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