15 Reasons Why Culchies Should Give Dublin A Break

15 Reasons Why Culchies Should Give Dublin A Break

The capital gets a bit of a bad rep sometimes.

Rent is soaring, house prices show no signs of decreasing and the seagulls are often on the attack around the city. Last year, a College Times poll  revealed that Dublin was the one county everyone would get rid of and only recently, we reported that the city was ranked the fifth worst place in the world for an emigrant to move to. Hardly makes for a glowing CV does it?

It's not all bad though. If you're from the country, listen up!

1. The Spice Bag originated here

Everyone loves a bit of Spice Bag in their life. But did you know, the highly sought after bold food originated from The Sunflower takeaway in Templeogue? A true honour for the city.


2. It has all the jobs if you wanted to stay..

As well as a high employment rate, Dublin boasts the highest vacancy rate in the Republic of Ireland. Thus, you'll have a job that pays your rent, so you won't have to sell your kidney after all. There won't be much left over to pay for anything else, but can beggars really be choosers?

3. Phoenix Park

The biggest park in Europe is right on your doorstep - Beyonce had a family day out here AND you can see Deer. If that's not enough to tempt you to move out of the sticks, nothing will.


4. It's the best place to be for Christmas

If you love a bit of the old festive spirit, than you'll really feel it here in Dublin. Turning on the Christmas lights in the city is a special experience.

5. And also when the sun shines

Which won't be for awhile yet but on the rare occasions we're blessed with great drying weather, everyone's in good form. People flock to parks, beaches and beer gardens to make the most of it - the barge is like a modern day mecca if you want a few drinks on a sunny day in Dublin.


6. It's home to hipsters

If you identify as a bearded man who wears skinny jeans and likes to drink out of jam jars, you're not alone. The place is crawling with cafes and bars like Blackbird and P Macs where hipsters like to hang out. You can truly be yourself here, there's no need to be in denial anymore.

7. Bottomless brunch

How do you like your eggs in the afternoon? I like mine with a twist of mimosas. Sure, other cities do brunch but it has a life of its own in Dublin. Prosecco with your avocado and toast are the tastiest notions your money can buy.


8. You can walk everywhere

You don't need a car in Dublin, especially if you're in and around town. There's no problems getting around on foot - just don't punch anyone when you can't get by them on Grafton Street.

9. Croke Park

For the biggest matches and concerts, you don't have too far to travel. If you haven't been in the midst of 70,000 people at Croker, you need to sort it out.


10. The Wildlife

To get a glimpse of our rarest heads, take a trip on the Luas Red Line. An experience like no other.

11. Coppers

Coppers is infamous around these parts and when you're falling around in there at 3am you'll know why. The Harcourt street spot is like a contemporary cult for people who want to get the shift. And they're doing gold cards now too! I mean, talk about VIP.


12. The place is hopping all year round

13. The great outdoors

We have the best of both worlds really. A city with beaches on its' Northside and mountains on its' Southside. Sorted.

14. Guinness 


Can you really get a proper pint of the good stuff anywhere else? The Guinness factory is in Dublin for crying out loud.

15. You don't have to give people the finger-salute

You can just keep on walking, you don't even have to make eye contact!

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Niamh Burke

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