Man Reveals What It's Like To Live With Women And He's Spot On

Man Reveals What It's Like To Live With Women And He's Spot On

Growing up in a house full of women you know what to expect when you go out into the real world. One man was seriously disturbed by what he saw after spending a year living with two women.

Craig Sharpe, from Kent, shared his experiences of living with his girlfriend and another woman and, of course, his experience has gone viral as thousands of people relate.

Here's what Craig learnt:

1. A message is not private


2. Women DO have to use the bathroom  for more than catch ups

3. Hairclips are taking over the world, one hair strand at a time


4. A night out takes as much time to prepare for as a Royal Wedding

5. Candles are EVERYTHING.


6. Reality TV is the holy grail of the home

7. If you're not maintaining your eyebrows you're not living


8. A cheat day is every day

9. Who needs Sherlock Holmes when you have a girlfriend?


10. Wearing pajamas outside the house is completely acceptable

11. Anything could happen at a single moments notice


12. Drama is 24/7

13. There's no open door policy


14. Sharing is caring

15. Your plug hole will resemble a baby Big Foot


After finishing the thread Craig was asked by Twitter users to reveal the identity of his roommates and revealed there's no bad blood just a lotta lotta laughs. Craig declared he loves living with the two women and they're much funnier than he is. Here are the two legends basking in the glory of knowing everyone wants to live with them:

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