American Diary: Why You Need To Study Abroad ASAP

American Diary: Why You Need To Study Abroad ASAP

Studying abroad is hands down one of the coolest things I have done. I never pictured myself spending my summer in another country but here I am. And here's why you should too.

There are thousands of different program options and destinations that are available. They don't decide where you go, you do. You have the power to make the experience one that is suited to your own interests.

It is an experience like no other. You have passed the role of tourist and you know are engulfing yourself in the culture. You get to learn how it is really like to live as a local. That is an experience you can’t get just taking a quick trip. My program gave me the opportunity to participate in an internship abroad; what a way to experience Dublin.

You get to experience a new culture as well as learn things about your culture you may have never noticed. In my case, you begin to appreciate things about your home culture or question why we do such things. Dublin let me tell you, you need some queso in your lives. The first thing I am eating back in the states is a fat plate of Mexican food covered in cheese dip. Is this why the obesity rate is so high in the States? Probably. But it tastes so, so good.

You get to meet some really cool people. Just being able to have a conversation with a local can be totally eye-opening. Let me tell you, the best way to learn about the locals; sit down at talk to the locals. I was even able to learn the smallest of differences just by having a normal conversation. It's great because chances are they have just as many questions as you do. 


It looks great on a resume. Not only did you complete a class, or a work experience but you completed it in a different country. That is extremely attractive to a potential employer. You may not realise it but having the opportunity to have an experience in another country is something that most people don't have. You for sure have a step up.

It pushes you outside your comfort zone. Whether you're like me and this is the first time out of your own country or you're an experienced traveller, studying abroad forces you to become independent and grow as an individual, It is the ultimate test of adulting.

So if you're on the fence or hadn't even considered it at all, I am here to tell you really really should. It's hard to even put into words just how rewarding the experience is. And each individual will have a unique one.

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Kaili Sager

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