The 11 Different Types Of Bosses You'll Have To Put Up With

Everybody starts out at the bottom of the corporate ladder, unless you're those lucky fools who are born into their father's company or developed Apple or Microsoft overnight. So the rest of us "normies" are forced to work our way up from the bottom, and are forced to deal with several different types of bosses. And here they are. Which one do YOU currently have?

11. The boring one.

When you listen to this boss drone and mumble out their orders you almost fall asleep! Every sentence that comes out of their mouth seems to roll into one long, monotonous, boring word. You avoid them at all costs and NEVER start a conversation with them. You'd rather listen to someone swinging a bag of cats against a wall.

10 The power hungry one.

An absolute asshole. There's no other words to describe them. They treat you like the dirt on the bottom of their shoe and make no mistake in letting you know who the boss is. They rub it in your face. At least you can take solace in the fact that they'll only ever amount to a manager position at a Burger King drive-thru, while you'll be onto bigger and better things after college.


9. The extremely attractive one.

You hate your job but whenever you see that you're working closely with your hot boss, your day immediately brightens up! You suddenly become the goody-two-shoes offering your services for anything they may need. You slither up beside them and inhale their intoxicating aroma, bump bottoms with them and apologise for the "accident." You're absolutely IN LOVE with them but they can never know...

8. The scary one.

It's like walking on egg shells around this boss. They freak out and unleash their rage at the slightest little incident. Whenever you see them coming you run for the hills. God forbid you're on the receiving end of one of their infamous bollockings again!


7. The overly-emotional one.

This one will come into work, hide away and you'll wonder where they are. You'll later find them crying on the toilet seat. It's incredibly awkward having your boss be the emotional one. I'd nearly rather have the scary one!

6. The stingy one.

The one who gives all the hours to the youngest kids because they don't have to pay them as much. They expect you back bang on time after your break, never give you any discount on things and don't allow a single cigarette break. Ugh...


5. The desperate one.

The boss who tries to join in on all the craic, but fails miserably. He bullshits about doing all this cool stuff when you really know he sits at home playing World Of Warcraft in his evenings off. He always tries to invite himself along to your work parties even though it's outrageously embarrassing to have them anywhere near you. You always have to hide your plans from them.

4. Mr Nice Guy.

Mr Nice Guy will let you do anything you want. He just wants to be liked and loved by his underlings. "Extra half hour break? Sure. Take my lunch? Of course. Go home early. Go ahead!" You take advantage of him and aren't ashamed to admit it.


3. The boss who's married to the job.

This one eats, sleeps and dreams their job. They're the first one there every day and the last one to leave. You think they literally have got NO social life outside of work. All they can talk about is work. They're as boring as a nun at an orgy!

2. Bi-polar one.

This boss is a schizophrenic maniac. You never know what mood they're going to be in and they are liable to spontaneously combust any minute.

1. The comedian.

The boss comes in and cracks the worst jokes in the world. You give him that pathetic forced laugh every time then proceed to turn and roll your eyes to your co-workers. He wants to be the most likable guy in the job, but in reality he's the one you love to hate.

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