The 16 Struggles Of Getting 'Bikini Body' Ready

1. Water is too bland. Even strawberry flavoured water doesn't cut it. Who wouldn't prefer an icy cold glass of coke?
2. Wine has calories?! Like we're really going to order a gin and tonic...
3. Exercise isn't fun. AT all. Especially when you're sweating a lot and that sports bra starts rubbing.
4. And jogging. I mean, COME ON. Worst ever.
5. Even though we have the perfect plan to improve our jogs. *Flicks on iPod* Jog as fast as we can to the chorus and 'speed walks' (limps along) to the verses, yep – that should do it.
6. The ice cream van is just TOO tempting. Damn that really catchy jingle.
7. The battle with Netflix becomes all too real... Just one more episode, then we'll get our running shoes on.
8. The gym becomes that friend who we just love to hate. But it's so hot and sweaty and, uggghhh.
9. We know she means well, but, "NO mum, no biscuit with my tea!". Okay, I'll just have one *takes 5*...
10. Taking the stairs everywhere is bound to shift that weight. Even if we're walking with take-away pizza in hand. Fact.
11. Forgotten to do sit-ups today – we'll just do them in the morning. Or ya know... tomorrow!
12. The realisation that that skinny latte (with over the adult's daily amount of sugar) isn't as skinny we hoped! Dammit.
13. Those pesky adverts on TV are totally testing us with their, "are you bikini ready?". As if we don't ask ourselves that question every minute of every day enough.
14. Our sex lives increase exponentially, because sexy time really does burn calories. 
15. "No problem, of course I'll walk the dog!" The cat... the budgie... the turtle. Whatevz!
16. Maybe 2 nectarines aren't suitable for a satisfying lunch after all...*immediately regrets resisting that Snickers bar*

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Sorcha Tyndall
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Sorcha loves everything HBO, Wes Anderson and Harry Potter related. Tina Fey is her dream woman and she believes Hillary Clinton should run the world.

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