The 19 Insane Thoughts Every Girl Has When She's Late

It is a very rare time when any girl wishes she had her period. Seriously. But when it doesn't arrive, panic strikes, and we'd give anything for Mother Nature to call...For real, absolutely anything.

1. The flying fuck is going on here. How can I possibly be late?
2. I am pregnant. Definitely pregnant. My life is over.
3. Oh shit, maybe that's why I've put on weight too.
4. Plus I’ve been dead stressed lately. That could legit be it.
5. Should I wait it out? Give it another week?
6. Should I tell the guy I'm worried.
7. No. He'd run an effing mile. Wouldn't even judge him. 
8. Should I just bite the bullet and buy a pregnancy test?
9. Christ, that’s absolutely terrifying. 
10. My mum is going to fucking kill me.
11. I can't even look after myself, how the hell am I going to look after a baby? *panic attack*
12. Of course, the only time I want my period, I can’t have it. Sob.
13. Alright God, do me a solid here. If I could get my period in the next hour or so, I'll abstain from sex forever...or a month at least. 
14. Ha, did I really just say that!?
15. Oh fuck! Bikini season is coming up… What the eff do I do?
16. I just spent £100 on new bikinis too. KARMA WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME.
17. Please God, I am so, SO sorry for sleeping with a guy on the first date. Please, please, please don’t make me pregnant. 
18. I promise, I will never have sex agai....
19. Wait. I GOT IT! HOLLLAAAAA! REJOICE. THIS IS THE BEST DAY! *does sassy period dance*

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