The 25 Stages of Being Hangry As Told By Disney

1. It’s been like a million hours since you last ate.
OK, it’s actually been 20 minutes.
2. Your stomach starts to rumble. Time to eat.

^Actual picture of you^

3. You’ve got one thing on the brain.
4. So you decide that you might as well cook.

Which is obviously a mistake.

5. Because there’s nothing in your fridge except an old yoghurt and a bottle of wine.
6. The wine does not tide you over.
7. You meet up with a friend, who for some reason doesn’t have a granola bar on hand for you.

Ugh, how thoughtless.

8. And they ask you how you can be so upset about needing food.

Rookie mistake.

9. And heaven forbid you’re on a date. It’ll go from this:
10. To this:
Take me for what I am
11. Your mind starts to play tricks on you.

“Are you dancing rn, imaginary food?”

12. You may even get a little ~bitey~.

These things happen.

13. So your squad heads out to a local eatery.

Follow the nose to find food.

14. Of course your apartment is not within delivery range of any good restaurants.

Why have you failed me, JustEat?

15. You look in the window of the restaurant like…
16. The bread basket comes and chaos descends.
17. Until somebody has their eye on your second roll.


18. And that “friend” tries to say, “I need another minute before I’m ready to order.”


19. Waiting. Is. Pure. Torture.
20. When your food finally comes, it’s a moment of utter triumph.

^Actually you^

21. And you dig in. What you think you look like when eating:
22. What you actually look like:
23. And the food on other people’s plates is up for grabs, tbh.

“FRIENDS SHARE!” you bellow.

24. Until all the food is gone. At last.
25. Whoooo. It’s over. Time to apologise to everyone who got in your path.

See ya next time, hanger.

Via Buzzfeed.

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