The 7 Apps That Have Changed Your Dating Life

In the last two years dating has become increasingly easier. Most people don't even need to leave their houses to meet new people. While this kind of thing can be quite dangerous just make sure you know a friend of the person at least. It will seriously annoy you if they are a catfish and you will have to sit in a bar with them for 30 minutes while you realize what a shit situation you are in. Apps have changed the dating game and most will say for the better. Here are The 7 Apps That Have Changed Your Dating Life.

1) Tinder

Probably the most famous of all, specifically targeted towards dating, in 24 languages, you could find your perfect match. Or, just realize you fancy no one that lives near you. All hail Tinder and the random hook ups it has created.

2) Snapchat

Ah Snapchat! An innocent way to send a photo of you with your boobs out to the whole population of males or females in your city. From "dick pics" to hangover selfies, there is nothing that Snapchat cannot do. And, in case anyone was wondering, people will know who you have been Snapchatting - very territorial all together.


3) Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a device where texting is seen in a more casual manner. The group named after your cleverly titledĀ group of friends is how you keep up appearances. Your Whatsapp photo may define you, so, choose carefully. Also, if there are any naked selfies floating about, they will fly through Whatsapp as quick as a flash.

4) Instagram

If you want to know who is the sap out of your group or if someone is in a relationship - take to Instagram. There will be couple selfies, sorry, #couplie's. There will be presents they have received and there will be that awkward first date you both had. Liking on Instagram is also a way to know who is looking at your photos. Don't get too ahead of yourselves but it could be a point of conversation.


5) Facebook

Poke here and poke there, poking wars have become quite the Facebook epidemic. Who you talk to on chat, or who likes your photos, could be the sign of a new relationship. Numbers are exchanged and soon you will be in contact with your new date. Facebook has opened gates for us all.

6) Google

When you meet someone on a night out, on Tinder or through Facebook you will most likely Google them to make sure they aren't a convicted felon. Google carefully and wisely. Add every single thing you know about them into the search bar - make it easier on yourself.

7) Twitter

Twitter is a very casual way to find someone. Many random people follow each other. It just isn't as private as Facebook or Whatsapp. Anything you put on Twitter you are letting the world see. If you say where you were for dinner people will know your exact where abouts. So, don't expect privacy on this yoke - unless your profile is fiercely private of course.

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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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