The Bitch Is Back: Why Having A Bitchy Best Friend Can Be Best

Being an aggressive female won't win you all the popularity contests, but you know you'll be winning at life. Having a confident and self-assured best friend can be the best thing for you, especially if you're pretty introverted yourself. They open doors and are fiercely loyal to their own. They won't back down from what they want and will fight for your happiness as well as their own. Having this quality makes people love you, love to hate you and sometimes actually hate you. So what’s life like when your best friend is the lovable bitch? Well....

1) You Never Ever Drunk Dial An Ex

As soon as you're out, they'll confiscate your phone, or delete your ex's number immediately. You won't be ruining your dignity on their watch.

2) You Never Have To Wait For Things

They get you to the top of the line and often into VIP areas. It might embarrass you, skipping all those other people in the queue, but once you're in, you can recognise that they're the coolest and most confident person that you've ever had the pleasure of calling your best friend.

3) They Always Have Your Back


No one crosses you because they know they'd have to deal with her wrath. She intimidates everyone solely with her presence. Sometimes it can get annoying that new people can be scared off by her, but you are also grateful that she'll always defend you against the masses.

4) She's Passionate About Everything

She has loads of opinions, (not all of them very popular), which she loves sharing with everyone. You might hate that she's so stubborn, but at least the conversation is never boring. Plus, she's so confident that she's constantly pushing you out of your comfort zone. If it weren't for her, your life wouldn't be half as interesting as it is.

5) She's Hilarious

Her teasing can be tough, and her sarcasm can be harsh, but she'd never go too far. She loves you too much. Other people though...they should watch out. She can insult like no ones business, which sucks when you're in a fight, but is awesome when she's unleashing her fury on someone else.

6) Her Honesty Is Refreshing

She never bullshits about anything. If you look shit, she'll tell you and you'll thank her because you know she'll make you look shit hot. If she hates a guy, she'll keep talking about it until she changes her mind or you forget about him. Her honesty encourages you to be more confident and open, sometimes you're just too nice to people.

7) She Always Looks After You

If you've put on weight she'll encourage you to go out and exercise and will go with you. If you've reached your limit on a night out, she'll cut you off and make sure you get home alright. If you're entertaining the affections of some guy that you know is no good for you, she'll cock-block you and take you off dancing. She might be blunt about it, but you love her for it.

Rebecca Fox
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Becky Fox is a fun loving foxy lady who will never apologise for who she is. All about girl power and Lara Croft cosplay. A freak in the sheets and a bitch on the streets. Don't cross her, she has enough wit in her pinky to reduce you to tears. Fan of beanies and sunglasses and doing whatever, or whoever, the fuck she wants.

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