The Cons Of Being A Loud Person

I am a very loud person and if you think I'm loud now you should have seen me as a child. I was an all singing, all dancing, acting ball of confusion. Probably the loudest child known to man. Once the realization that I wasn't going to be famous sunk in, the loudness dimmed slightly. But, my very deep and sometimes husky voice makes me louder than ever. If like me you know the struggles loud people have to deal with and, you want to vent to those fellow loud people out there, you have come to the right place. Sit back and read The Cons Of Being A Loud Person.

1) People know if you are near

There is no such thing as bumping into someone, people know you are near before they see you. No hiding or avoiding of any kind can take place. There is no invisibility cape for us my friend.

2) You can't whisper

Whether it is a library or a lecture or a secret to a friend, we just can't whisper. We really try but it just doesn't work. Even though we know we can't whisper we will attempt it time and time again. Because let's face it, getting in trouble is better than sitting there quiet.


3) You can't be slick

You know when someone is walking down the road and your friend spots them and goes "oh look that's your one that cheated on her fella with Brian". Our response is to point and loudly say "What her?". Then usher in embarrassment among everyone present. Oh and when people say "don't turn around", we don't know what this means and we turn around.

4) Silence you cannot do


We don't know how and we don't like doing it. Being silent really isn't in our forte. Even if we try to be quiet we will fail miserably. Please don't ask us to.

5) We're always shushed

Shhh this...shhhh that. We get it, we are loud people. But this is the way we are and telling us to be quiet every 10 minutes isn't going to change anything. If it bothers you so much hang out with quiet people.


6) Talk over people

I don't really know what to say about this one. Us loud folk constantly talk over others. It is like our story is boiling up inside us like hot lava and it is ready to spill over and we just cannot keep it in. No excuses really.

7) Our stories are very dramatic

There is often hand gestures, dramatic dialogue and actions in place. Even if it is about your mom buying a bottle of milk in Spar that was in fact gone off, a performance will be shown. No story is left without a heavy description.


8) Corridors Echo

When we walk down a corridor they echo with fear. Our loud voice causes a presence and people are aware a loud person is fast approaching. People can hear all that is being said.

9) Loud Laughter


Our voice is loud and our laughs are even louder. I have a very deep, husky laugh where it crackles as I laugh. Boys, don't run all at once. Whether it is a high or low pitched laugh you can hear us through those iron walls.

10) Male confusion

If you are a women with a deep voice and you are loud, there may be a few instances where you realize you sound a tad more manly than most. You might tape record your voice one day for an audio note on Whatsapp and be shocked by the result.


11) High Pitched Terror

If you are very loud with a high pitched voice it can be very irritating. Just embrace it and realize your voice may screech at times.

12) Your Friends Might Cringe

It is not that our friends are embarrassed of us, it is that when we speak about that guy or girl two seats away from us we don't want them to hear. And, we make sure that they hear it all.

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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