The Different Types Of Lecturers You Have In College

College is a tough place and whatever lecturer you get is very important. You have heard the rumors about the lecturers around the college campus. You know who is easy going and who grades horribly. You have done your research but you never really know what it will be like until you are in that class. And, by then it is too late. One thing you are guaranteed is that you are going to get a variety of professors in your years in college. While you reflect on all things good and bad here is a list of The Different Types Of Lecturers You Have In College.



1) The Life Stories

They start the class with "I was on the bus the other day..." or "Did I tell you where I was the other night...". They feel they are your friends even if they're not. They like to tell you about instances that have occurred in their everyday life. And, there will be students in the class that are generally interested.

2) The Down With The Kids

There is something about this professor. They are not just any professor. They don't try to be cool, they just are. Everyone wants to be friends with them and some people want to be with them. Sometimes they are very good looking.


3) The Ph.D

This professor has a B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D. and an Sc.D. They basically know their stuff and are just teaching in their spare time. They are loving life and, most importantly, don't take sh*t from no one.

4) The Must Prove Themselves

This professor may be new here and they may not have their doctorate quite yet. They feel like they have something to prove so they might be quite cagey and nervous when they lecture. They also may feel they have to put their foot down and give out now and then. No one really knows what to think about this professor.

5) The Frequent Examinations


This professor is fond of an exam or seven. Every week there is an exam or surprise quiz and you just hate it. They are strict but fair markers and they always keep you on your toes.

6) The Author

They have a book published and they are not afraid to show it. Their module syllabus is filled with books they wrote and they are proud. They love their book and, more importantly, they want their students to love their books.

7) The Easy A

This professor is an easy marker and everyone knows it except him. He thinks his classes are so popular but people actually just know they're an easy A. Best of both worlds really.


8) The Nutter

You always have that one teacher in college that is crazy. They are erratic, self involved and not making much sense. But you love the entertainment and they love that you listen.

9) The No Other Subjects

This professor has completely forgotten that you have 5 other subjects to attend to. Their forgetfulness allows them to give you enough work for everyday of the week and if you don't get it done you are in deep trouble.

10) The No Exams

This professor feels their class has been listening, that they know enough and that they most certainly don't need to take no exam. They want a happy class with no drama. Naturally, everyone loves them.

11) The Hard Marker

You heard they were a hard marker. This class was either compulsory or you registered too late. But how bad could they be? Very very bad I'm afraid.

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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