The Emotional Cycle Of Leaving Your Phone At Home

When you leave your phone at home, it's like you've suddenly discovered you have hands again and that there's a world around you with things actually happening. It suddenly dawns on you how much your life revolves around it. It really is a whole new world, not seen through an instagram filter.

1) I SWEAR I brought my phone with me...
2) *Frantically empties contents of bag* Oh FFS. I've definitely left it at home. 
3) And there is literally no time to turn back for it. 
4) I could punch myself in the face.
5) Wait... I hope I've not lost it. *mini heart-attack*
6) It will be completely fine. I'm sure it's at home, I can cope without it.
7) And besides, all the people I want to speak to are going to be out anyway. 
8) I can totally last one little night... Right?
9) Okay, so where the hell is everybody?
10) I hope they haven't decided to meet somewhere else instead.
11) I'll just drop them a tex... Oh. Yeah. About that. 
12.)It feels so weird waiting for my friends and having to actually look around.
13) I don't know where to look without catching the eyes of a potential axe murderer.  
14) Everyone is definitely trying to have eye sex with me.
15) I would much rather be slouched over my phone right now. 
16) I can't even ask someone if I can use their phone to ring the crew because I don't know any numbers off by heart.
17) I definitely just felt my phone vibrate in my handbag. But it's not in there. Am I going crazy?! Is this what having a phantom limb is like??
18) I really miss my phone. 
19) I genuinely feel like I've lost a part of me.
20) I would rather be without a shoe than my phone right now.
21) If Cinderella worked it, I'm sure I could too.
22) I bet my phone is blowing up with messages right now.
23) People are going to think I'm ignoring them. 
24) My social life is going down the pan and there's nothing I can do about it. 
25) I can't even take any photos for Instagram. Sob.
26) I feel like I'm losing all sense of space and time. I don't even have a watch.
27) I'm literally going to have to use the moon's position as a clock. 
28) Okay... Everyone's on their phones... I'll just sit here, ripping the label off my bottle. Fun fun fun. 
29) I keep reaching into my handbag to grab my phone and then I realise it's not there.
30) This is torture. Pure torture. 
31) *gets home* Oh, phone. How I have missed thee.
32) One Facebook notification... Someone's birthday. Great. 
33) No messages.
34) WTF do you mean NO MESSAGES?!
35) Cheers guys. 
36) Cheers. So loved right now. 


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