The Fears You Face Before Your Final Year In College

You go to school, study to get into college, god knows what course, but you get there eventually. You get into first year and you realise that it's not really about academics at all and more about learning the skills to survive an all nighter, go into your final exam and have enough energy to go out and get drunk that night. In the blink of an eye you're facing your final year and it dawns on you that you have absolutely no idea what you want to do next. If you're someone who has it all figured out then just go away. This isn't for you...

1. What Happens After This Year?

Seriously, what am I supposed to do after this year? How do I find out? Does a magic fairy fly into my room one night and say, 'You shall be an astronaut'. All your life you've had parents or someone there to guide you and now all of a sudden you have to make a decision about what you're going to do with your life on your own.

2. Is This It?

You've had a nice four year gap between being a teenager and an adult. You had all the perks of being an adult without really having any adult responsibilities. Am I now just going to be catapulted into adulthood?... Adult.


3. How Do You Make Friends

I no longer think that my party trick of opening bottles with my boobs is going to make me friends. When you can no longer use the excuse of getting drunk, how do you make friends? Seriously, are you just destined to be alone when you grow up?

4. It Stops Here Kids

Are my parents going to continue to pay my rent? My part-time job will no longer provide me with pocket money but actual money that I have to live off.  It's just so unfair!


5. Should I Do A Masters?

You've heard the word thrown around but you've never really given it much thought. Sure that's aaages away. I don't need to worry about that.  You're not to sure what it entails and the actual cost of it makes it something that you don't just idly decide to do. It gives you the benefit of your student discount for a while longer but that can't be the only reason you do one. Can it? Someone tell me what to do!

6. When Am I No Longer A Student and Just an Alcoholic?

Seriously. When is this going to become a problem?


7. Going Out Mid-Week

I know it's my final year but surely my Tuesdays and Thursdays will still be open for going out?

8. Being Healthy

This metobolism isn't always going to be as fast acting as it is now. Maybe it's time to cut down on my cornflakes and nutella...


9. Is It Still OK To Go To Freshers Week?

Is it kind of funny and ironic for older students to go to Freshers week, or will I just look like a sad, sad person trying to relive her youth? Foam parties are for all ages aren't they?

10.  Calm Down

It is very rare for someone to have their life in order by their early twenties. Not every decision needs to be made by a certain age. Do the things you won't get another chance to do and try and live every experience that's thrown at you. Don't rush anything and take your time in making decisions! Make the most of it. You're not alone!

Bronagh Flynn
Article written by
An English major in the University of Limerick. This country bumpkin may claim she spends her days reading 'War and Peace', contemplating life when in fact she is re-watching episodes of Girls in her quest to becoming a somewhat respectable member of society. An old man at heart, she loves a whiskey on the rocks and over packed clubs give her nightmares.

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