The Lions Drinking Game

The first official Lions touring squad photo was released this morning. Obviously Brian O’Driscoll was unable to make it to London for the quick rendezvous between players, coaches, and the media as he continues to nurse his back following Leinster’s game with Glasgow at the weekend. A quick photo shop job of O’Driscoll’s head onto what we can only assume is a random member of the Lions backroom staff hasn’t gone unnoticed by Rugby fans as the photo makes its way around the internet, but can you spot who else has been photo shopped into the picture?

With all the hype surrounding the Lions’ and the build up to what  promises to be a compelling tour the always clever and inventive Welsh Dalai Lama  has come up with a Lions drinking game to keep the more boozy Lions fans interested in what can be some pretty uneventful action during the warm up games.


The Rules are pretty in depth so you might need this key with you at all times, especially as the 2nd half progresses! Our favourite rules include Paul O’Connell’s visible sunburn, George North’s dad invading the pitch and of  course Mike Philips admiring himself on the big screen (Although including this rule may get you severely intoxicated).

Oh and remember to always drink responsibly…

Shane Johnston
Article written by
Editor for CollegeTimes, UCD graduate and music lover. [email protected]

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