The Top Five Cocktails You Need To Try This Summer

It's finally summer and that calls for cocktails, obviously! Piranha Schnapps comes in three mouth watering flavours; Apple, Kola and Cherry, and they all add a unique, delicious taste to your drink. We've got your top five Piranha inspired cocktails to keep you refreshed and mildly buzzed this summer.

1) The Cherry Berry

25ml Cherry Piranha

25ml Malibu

Shake and top up with

Cranberry juice


Shake and pour into a tall glass.

2) The Pop Your Cherry

25ml of Cherry Piranha

25ml of Amaretto

Shake and pour into a tall glass and top up with Coca Cola.

3) The Emerald Isle

25ml Apple Piranha

25ml peach schnapps

dash of lime

Shake and pour into a tall glass, and top up with lemonade.

4) The Kola Krush

25ml of kola Piranha

25ml of apple

Pour into a tall glass and top up with cranberry orange and pineapple juice.

5) The Piranha Bite

20ml Apple Piranha

20ml Cherry Piranha

20ml Kola Piranha

All poured into a tall glass topped with Orange juice.

Sorcha Tyndall
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