Things You Have To Deal With in AIESEC

AIESEC is the largest student run organisation in the world. Alumni of over a million its seriously popular for a reason. Here is a list of all the annoying things we have to deal with as AIESECers - it comes with some serious baggage. Shit you have to deal with in AIESEC


Starting in AIESEC can feel that everyone is in some kind of secret gang where everyone talks in code and no one really knows what AIESEC stands for. Truth it is some secret gang and you will understand anything until you get down with the lingo..

2) Going on exchange to anywhere you feel like..

Literally who knows where you might end up, or what hemisphere, country or even city ? What other organisation provides you with so many endless opportunities?



 3) Emails

So.many.emails. So many of which start with "Hello Friend".. And the colours!? Why is Every Word is a Different colour ? AIESEC is 30% actual experience and 70% emails.. 

4) Having to demand money off your parents for conferences

Impromptu conferences mean that occasionally you have to get on to your parents for 'AIESEC money'


5) Feeling bad if you don't reply to your AIESEC friends straight away.

AIESEC messages are the most important messages.

6) AIESEC Romance

What happens when you fill a room with young, 20 something, international, enthusiastic people?  yup thats right- this:


7) Conferences

Probably the best part of the AIESEC experience is conferences-

8)Roll Calls

Just try to describe what a Roll Call is to someone unfamiliar with AIESEC. Well its when we all get in a line and dance the same dance instead of just saying 'here'.

9) Elections..

AIESEC yearly turn around is an important part of every year. We only like it though because we get to soak people and then take photos of them.



10) Trying to convince all your friends to join AIESEC

"You should come with me to this meeting!" - Ehh no thanks-I'm ehh busy.

11) Having no idea where you might end up in summer..


12) That one friend who is crazy good at photo shop..

Filters... Filters everywhere..

13) Being the one in the meeting who literally has no idea whats going on

Missing one meeting means at the next your like- Whaaaaaat is going on here?


14) Having your friends say things like 'Whats this A-SAC thing you always talk about?? '

How do you even explain it in one sentence?? Well we want to achieve peace and fulfillment of human kinds potential.. and we dance and drink a lot.

15) Having meetings. all. the. time

Meetings are just a part of life in AIESEC.


16) Leadership

Leadership begins to become part of your life..

17) Replying to "Hey AIESEC" no matter what


18) All The Goodbyes- maybe the worst part..

Probably the worst part of this organizations - just as many goodbyes as hellos.. Feeling like your heart it about to be ripped out every time you have to say goodbye to another intern/trainee/team member.. Repeat after me "Its not goodbye just see you later"



Therese Walsh
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Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.

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