17 Things Guys Should Never Say After Sex

Noooo, you did not just say that. Way to ruin it.

"I think the condom broke..."

"Ok I was only messing when I said the condom broke, I was actually only pretending I had one on in the first place..."


"What’s that smell?"


"My ex taught me that one..."


"I’m sorry…"



Upon returning from the jacks.."I just felt like I was pissing fire..."


"Wow that was just like INCREDIBLY amazing... like MIND blowingly amazingly amazing...."


"Nice queef there in the middle of that..."

"What's your address, I need to hailo a cab asap..."


"Did you cum?"


"2 secs... Just have to turn the webcam off"

"That was cool...high five?"



"You’re on the pill, right?...No? Shit..."

"Em...Who are you again?"

"I'm hungry...make me something to eat."


"’re still here?"

"You’re quite weird…you know that?!"


"Do you have any mouthwash?"


"Hold on, have to answer this, it's my girlfriend..."

"We’re not telling anyone about this, right?"

"Yep, that settles it. Definitely gay."

"Do you have any underwear I can borrow?"

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Colin O'Dwyer
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