Things Irish People Do When It Gets Hot

When the sun comes out Irish people become confused little creatures wondering where they put their sun screen from two years ago and what the can wear that can possibly bare enough of their pasty skin to the world.

1) Say things like "I'm going to get a great colour"

What colour is that friend? Burgundy? Scarlet ?

2) Build Shitty Homemade Pools

Although good luck with that once water charges come in- You might as well fly to Spain for the same price as a 500 litre filled tub.


3) Apply No Sun Screen Whatsoever So You Get A 'Tan'

Really? when did you suddenly decide you had tanable sallow skin and not the pasty freckly skin you were born with.

4) Apply Loads of Tan Afterwards So People Think You Got Brown

'fine got the colour on you there'


5) Go camping with a few tins

Nothing says summer like dutch gold and heat stroke.

6) Chase The Ice Cream Man Whose Prices Have Risen With Every Degree

Remember when a 99 cone used to cost 99c and not €2. Yep me neither.


7) Wear Your GAA Shorts Out Because You're Unprepared For The Sun And Can't Find Your 'Summer' Clothes

8) Complain About The Heat Constantly

even though it's only a week long phenomenon the Irish are the only group of people that can complain about such an unusually infrequent event.


9) Jump Off Piers And Shit

Ahh pier jumping - nothing says summer like hurling yourself into a dodgy harbour.

10) Huff and Puff loudly every 5-6 minutes and repeat the words "it's soooo hot"

Kind of a temperature version of a human alarm clock. Christ its hot. So hot. Jaysus nearly 22 degrees etc.


11) Ice cream suddenly becoming a staple part of your diet

Suddenly eating four ice-creams a day becomes a totally okay thing to do..

12) Updating your facebook status to let everyone know that its hot outside

Like you're some kind of social media meteorologist..


13) Laying in bed smothered in aftersun after a day in the sun

14) Build a potentially lethal water slide out of materials you found on the farm

15) Spending a week looking like this:

Therese Walsh
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Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.

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