Things Only Irish People Will Understand

The Irish population are a rare breed. We have our own sense of humor and everyone pretty much knows everyone. We love nothing more than the bubble we live in and the excitement we get when we meet a fellow Irish man/women on holidays. We stick by our country and when an Irish citizen has succeeded in the world we beam with pride. There are things that we only understand and we have our own vocabulary that no other nation can comprehend. We may be a small country but by God we are the best. Here are Things Only Irish People Understand.

1) People Will Always Want Tea

2) 7up Is A Medicine

3) Never Turn Off The Heating

4) Never Change The Channel When Coronation Street Is On


5) "State of your one"

6) Drink Cures Hangovers

7) There Is Never Just 'The One' Drink

8) Everyone Goes Away In The Summer

9) We Think We Tan Even If We Don't


10) Supermacs Is Only Acceptable When Drunk

11) When It Floods Get The Canoe Out

12) Irish Mothers Are Very Sensitive


13) Everything "Will be grand"

14) Sandwiches Either Have Crisps In Them Or They Come With Crisps

15) Americans Don't Understand Us


16) We Just Love Potatoes

17) There Is Nothing Better Than The Man On RTÉ News Falling On The Ice

18) We Request That Our Meat Is "Well Done"

19) "Triple vodka and Red Bull"

20) Free Bar's Are The Best Things That Can Happen


21) "Love/Hate...What A Show"

22) You Can't Beat An Irish Wedding

23) Religion Can Be Confusing

24) The Recession Is Everyones Fault But Ours


25) "It's bloody freezing!"

26) No One Is Ever Prepared For The Rain

27) St. Patrick's Day Is An Excuse To Drink All Day

28) You Must Go Out Every Night Of The Week Before Christmas

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Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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