15 Things That Only People Working In Retail Will Understand...

Working in retail can be truly soul-destroying, for many reasons...

1. Never being able to plan ahead, due to not having set hours. "Oh I don't know yet, I might have to work."

2. Customers yelling at you for something that's definitely not your fault.

3. Customers coming into the shop just as you're about to close up.

4. Never having weekends off.

5. Christmas and other holidays are ruined for you, as you have to work every hour of every day - Christmas Eve, New Year's Day, you name it.


6. When you're starving in work and a customer comes in eating something delicious.

7. When customers try to tell you about their 'rights'.

8. When a customer tells you their life story while there is a massive queue of people behind them.

9. When your manager gives you pointless tasks to perform when it's quiet.

10. When customers ruin your display or clothes you've spent ages folding.


11. When you're on your break and a customer asks you about something in the shop.

12. When there's no staff or free parking and you end up paying to go to work. Or when you have to park miles away and effectively walk to work anyway.

13. People deciding they don't want something after you have already scanned the item through.

14. People trying to shoplift. Just stop. Please!

15. Did I mention customers...

Emily Keegan
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Emily is a self-confessed film freak who basically converses in movie quotes. After four short years of Media Production and Harcourt Street studies, Emily now divides her time between sunny Rathfarnham and the College Times offices, where she enjoys sharing her wisdom with you, the adoring public!

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