Things That Happen On A Lads Holiday

What happens on holiday stays on holiday....or on Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Whatsapp...etc etc... Anyway here's things that happen on a lads holiday


At least one member of your crew will become larry the lobster for the remainder of your lads holiday...probably the ginger one with freckles.

"No condoms can I use yours"

Just pulled mate can I rob a condom from you please, I think this one might have the clap...



Just arrived, what better to do than rent a moped and accidentally crash it into the front porch of a local's house and break your leg...

Upset the locals

See above



Follwed by a phone call home in which the phrase "Yeah the cops over here are real cops Dad, guns and all"..

No insurance

Your hospital stint becomes a little less comfortable as it is found that you have no insurance


Too many drugs spoil the broth

As the urban legend of the king of Ayia Napa goes, one of your friends will take all of the drugs and claim to be king of the world leaving him in a very very very very dark place for a few weeks.


The one who is on the laptop to his girlfriend for the entirety of the holiday...they will probably break up hours after you all get home. Take it from me it before you just saves tears.


GAA shorts/jerseys

While the guys are letting it all hang out on the beach their GAA Jersey, Shorts and lets face it in a lot of cases, socks wont be too far away.

Strange items of clothing

One of you will surely adapt to local culture and wear something completely ridiculous that you wouldn't dream of wearing at home


Over a typical everyday chat

Two of you will realise you got down and dirty with the same girl on separate occasions based on what she wanted to do to you in the sack...

Lost ATM card

Some bright spark amongst you will lose their ATM meaning everyone else's budgets gets smaller supporting their newly cash strapped friend. Or in this day and age. Just pop on to your online banking, transfer all your cash to your mates account and both use the same card...hey presto!


One of you has lost all you cash

Repeat exam

One of the musketeers will be bidding you farewell early to repeat a Strategic Management exam, because he never pulled his finger out during the school year..

Saying you won't go out every night, yet go out every night


Yeah, as if you were ever staying in ever!


Sun, sea, sand and all the alcohol your sunburnt body can handle...dehydration is a silent killer...bring a pallet of dioralyte if you's dehydrations enemy.

Complain about not being able to get a GAA Division 3 league game on in a "glorified irish pub"


You and your mates decide to complain on twitter to the handle of a plastic Irish pub in which you are currently seated in because they aren't showing Carlow versus Laois is some GAA probably should have checked the authenticity of the pub before strolling in.

Fall off a party boat cruise

Too drunk and too many half naked girls to try and impress, the inevitable will happen.

Score your best mates little sister "by accident"

Too drunk and too many half naked girls to try and impress, the inevitable will happen.

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Ian Smith
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Ian is a contributing writer for CollegeTimes. He is currently partying his ass off for the Summer having spent the past 7 years at various colleges across the globe. While by no means an athlete, he considers himself a world class darts player... If you tweet him he will not respond.

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