Things we'll have forgotten or laugh at in our 30's

So much for all the lists looking back and reminding us of past gems and glories that we've forgotten about over the years. But it's easy to do a bit of research and see what was flavour of the month or year in the nineties etc... Instead we're going to do a bit of gazing into the future and put our necks on the line as we tell you why the following will barely resonate with your older, wiser selves.

Justin Bieber

Whether or not we'll have forgotten him is irrelevant, we'll still be laughing at him..

Skinny Jeans on guys

I wear them myself..yep, that's right, and a lot of guys do but this time 10 years ago only The Strokes were wearing them, surely bell-bottoms or futuristic metal pants will be in by our mid thirties.


The smart phone...

Technology is increasing at an exponential rate, put into context by the fact that the 3310 was the phone in vogue a decade ago. We've gained interaction but lost battery power...10 years from now, who knows maybe our battery lives will last for 5 hours instead of 2..

Streaming media content..

CD's were still in their heyday in wasn't really until the u2 branded ipod launched in 2006 that the ipod went mainstream and now we have spotify etc,....ask someone for a stream back then and they surely wouldve sent you up the mountain or told you to follow the canal to it's source


Sam Bailey

What's a Sam Bailey??


Does anyone actually think they have the staying power? The first wrinkle and Louis Walsh will be sending them off to the glue factory...



Yup, it may be all the rage now but give it a decade or two and you'll probably just be able to wink in the mirror and send a nudey picture of yourself to some stranger on the other side of the universe....probably..

Who sang Wrecking Ball?...

Oh yeah...that really innocent little Disney club girl Hannah Montana...y'know..the one with the mullet for a father...



The tablet has already began to take over and with cloud based storage all the rage there's no need for hard drives any more WARNING: Do you trust skynet the cloud owners with your data?....what if everything crashes...oh my god, the pain...never mind the terminators..

Animal Memes

You just knew there was going to be at least one in here didn't you...well good on you mystic meg...hopefully they'll be outlawed soon! As much as I love me some grumpy cat...


Manchester United

As a Liverpool fan..given the current situation...I just couldn't resist.. ;)

Gangnam Style

I've had it erased from my mind already...I don't even know what it was..


The cast of..TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore...etc etc etc...

If this lot are still around in 2025...I will not be...what a cruel cruel world..

Mad Men

Sorry fans...but much like every TV show before it it will fizzle out of your memory....Don Draper will be remembered much like the character of Dr. Doug Ross...who??



Now wouldn't that be nice....

Palazzo/ Parachute Pants

These are just the worst...girls, your arses look huuuuge.


Check Shirts

Hopefully...I see at least 6 guys with the same shirt on every night I'm out..

The Quiff

Hasn't anyone noticed that it's EVERYWHERE....Elvis is dead lads...leave it out.

Harry Potter

Shall be confined to the shelves of Netflix and Amazon to collect the proverbial dust that covers copies of The Neverending Story to this day...

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Colin O'Dwyer
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Media graduate, music nut, musician and connoisseur of the skinny jean. Would've made a better Batman than Affleck!!

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