13 Bargain Bits You Need To Survive This Winter

13 Bargain Bits You Need To Survive This Winter

On days when it's below five degrees you can't help but wonder is it possible to bring your duvet on the bus. To avoid freezing over at the bus stop, it's time to invest in some of these key essentials. Winter won't know what hit it:

Olaf Onesie

Penneys - €18

Reindeer Slippers

Penneys - €4

Join the Penneys slipper fam with your own pair of Penneys slipper. The non-Christmas ones are €2.



Thumper/ Simba Hot Water Bottle

Penneys - €10 each


Boot Socks

Regatta - €5

Boots are the essential winter shoe but to keep them warm you'll need the help of boot socks.

Face Scarf

Regatta - €3


If freezing cold winds are blowing in your face then you need to invest in a face scarf.

Wooly Hat

Penneys - €5

Keeps your ears and scalp warm!


Butlers Hot Chocolate

Butlers - €4.25

Everyone needs a good hot chocolate after a long and cold winters day and Butlers is the best.

A Thermal Flask

TK Maxx - €13


A hot drink warms the body, or so they say.


Hand Warmers

Halfords - €1

Gloves are great but hand warmers will hold back the chill.


Zara Scarf - €25.95

Nobody can be without Zara scarves this winter. They double up as your own personal blanket.

Beurer Foot Warmer

Argos - €49.99

The perfect electric blanket for your feet!


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