This New Korean Ice Cream Cures Hangovers...

The South Korean store chain, Withme FS, has just launched the “Gyeondyo-bar,” an ice cream that's made specifically to cure hangovers. The name means “hang in there” in Korean.

The ice cream, only released last Friday- is grapefruit-flavored and contains .7 percent oriental raisin tree fruit juice. This potent juice has been used in Asia as a hangover cure for years because it is meant to help the liver process alcohol and generally detoxify the body.


The company claims that the ice cream is the first of its kind. We don't know how much the ice creams retail at or if they might get exported outside of the country. I know I would be all over the Gyeondyo-bar were I feeling fragile after a nights drinking, fingers crossed they make it over soon!

College Times Staff

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