Time To Go: Signs Your Relationship Is Past Its Sell-By Date

Maybe all these new year's resolutions have finally got to you and you're giving your life a strong review and you find that there is something that you're really not happy with, and that something is your relationship. Maybe you met someone in your first semester and you fell hard and fast, but now you're realising that it isn't going to work out. You've been trying but you just know that it isn't worth the effort, that he isn't worth the effort - not because you don't care, but because you're not getting anything out of it anymore. You either have feelings or you don't, or you kinda do, and you're not feeling it. Here are some signs that your relationship is past its sell by date.

You've Disappeared

Not actually, you just can't seem to remember the things that you were once into. Everything has been about him and your relationship. You never do any of the things that you used to that he found lame. You have no individual interests anymore. You miss you. Maybe you don't want to let him go because you're afraid of being single. You've been together for so long that you can't even imagine who you'd be without him. So you'd rather be with him and be miserable, than not with him at all. There are more guys out there. Much better, more positive guys who will be a hell of a lot better for you than this guy.

You're Lonely

You feel more lonely when you're with him than when you're apart. To such an extent that you put off hanging out with him. Studying in the library is a more enjoyable option. Cleaning your house seems like more fun. Staying up all night writing an essay id clearly a better option than a sleepover. The loneliness just brings you down and so you avoid him and associate him with feeling sad and lonely - not exactly want you want to feel from your boyfriend.


You Speak Different Languages

There might have been a time when you always were thinking the same thing or knew what the other was trying to say. Now, you just don't get each other anymore. Some of things he comes out with absolutely astound you. Maybe he's started sprouting opinions that you never thought he'd have and this makes you see him in a completely new light. You never seem to be able to connect anymore, your conversations are mostly listening to the other breathing while you refresh your Facebook feed.

You Are Not At Your Best

It's not that you have become so comfortable with this person that you no longer dress up when they are coming over, you honestly don't have the energy to make yourself look nice for them or yourself. They don't make you want to improve yourself, they don't encourage it, so what's the point in even trying? To the point where you don't really like who you've become when you're with him. You're lazier than you might usually be and you don't try anymore. You're just their girlfriend. Which is just so sad and pathetic. Which makes you feel sad and pathetic.

They Put You Down


This can be especially true of insecure boyfriends that are afraid that you'll leave them if you start doing really well or becoming very popular. Maybe you used to have a thing where you teased each other all the time, but now he's just kind of mean. He never supports you or any of your achievements. He just belittles everything that you do, even if he hasn't achieved anything in his life. If you come home and let him know you did amazingly on an assignment, he'll immediately make some comment about how maybe now you'll have more time for him and instigate an argument about how you're never around anymore. Classic jealousy move, displacing his feelings of inadequacy onto you. A dickhead move in other words. Cue lengthy arguments and maybe even a few days of total silence from him. That's childish, demeaning and unhealthy.

You're Settling

Some believe that in every relationship there is a reacher and a settler. I believe that's only in unhappy relationships. Shouldn't you be with someone that likes you as much as you like them? If you feel like you're trying to be someone you're not for him, then there's no point sticking around. He's clearly not for you. If you feel like you could do better, or deserve better, then leave. Life is too short to spend it with someone who drags you down and makes you feel crap about yourself.

You Constantly Make Excuses For Your Relationship

Your friends just don't really understand your relationship anymore. Whenever you talk about it, it's generally to give out about his behaviour. When they ask you why you don't just break up with him, you instantly try to think back over all the great things he's done in the past. That's the thing though, they're in the past. Lately, he hasn't been that great has he? If you're honest with yourself, you don't work. Even if you do both really love each other, you're miserable. You're better off apart. Sorry. It's time to put yourself first and move on.

They've become one with the night

The sun sears their cursed flesh, their skin has taken on a deathly pallor, and they reek of graveyard earth. They clearly feast on the blood of the innocent and have become an abomination against nature. It's time to kick that foul Nosferatu to the curb, home girl.

Garret Farrell

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